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  1. oliguria
  2. Suprapubic prostatectomy
  3. Digital rectal exam
  4. dysmenorrhea
  5. brachytherapy
  1. a treatment of prostate cancer involving radioactive seed implants
  2. b scanty, diminished capacity to pass urine
  3. c DRE
  4. d excision of the prostate above the pelvic region
  5. e difficult, bad, painful menstruation

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  1. condition that may occur with an enlarged prostate
  2. voiding at frequent intervals
  3. removal of lump only, and usually followed by radiation
  4. involuntary delay in initiating urine
  5. removal of right fallopian tube and right ovary

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  1. hematuriaabsence of urine output or production


  2. dysuriaabsence of urine output or production


  3. cystitisinflammation of the bladder


  4. bladdertransitional cell carcinoma relates to what organ?


  5. Modified radical mastectomyremoval of both breasts