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  1. puerperium
  2. Full Term Normal Delivery
  3. Digital rectal exam
  4. obstetrics
  5. enuresis
  1. a period of 42 days after childbirth
  2. b DRE
  3. c incontinence
  4. d branch of medicine that manages the health of a woman and fetus during pregnancy, childbirth, and puerperium
  5. e FTND

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  1. uterus and cervix removed but ovaries and fallopian tubes remain
  2. excision of the prostate above the pelvic region
  3. treatment of prostate cancer involving radioactive seed implants
  4. branch of medicine concerned with diseases of female reproductive organs and the breast
  5. scanty, diminished capacity to pass urine

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  1. hematuriaabsence of urine output or production


  2. gravidapregnant woman


  3. simple mastectomyremoval of both breasts


  4. frequencyvoiding at frequent intervals


  5. bladdertransitional cell carcinoma relates to what organ?