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  1. gravida
  2. brachytherapy
  3. total (complete) hysterectomy
  4. multigravida
  5. gestation
  1. a uterus and cervix removed but ovaries and fallopian tubes remain
  2. b length of time from conception to birth
  3. c treatment of prostate cancer involving radioactive seed implants
  4. d pregnant woman
  5. e multiple pregnancies

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  1. EDC
  2. incontinence
  3. females first menstrual period
  4. only uterus is removed, cervix, ovaries and fallopian tubes remain
  5. use of high-beam lasers to treat BPH

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  1. dysmenorrheafemales first menstrual period


  2. simple mastectomyremoval of both breasts


  3. TURPuse of high-beam lasers to treat BPH


  4. Suprapubic prostatectomyremoval of entire breast without removal of muscle or lymph nodes


  5. nocturiafrequent urination after bedtime