11 terms

Racial and ethnic groups

The first Africans in coloniam Amer. were indentured servants whose children were:
A. designated as slaves
B. born free people
C. also indentured servants
D. sent back to Africa
Slave Codes refer to the laws:
A. dictating the behavoir of Black Muslims
B. of the Ku Klux Klan
C. defining the social position of slaves in the US
D. of the Marcus Garvey movement
For the slave population, Christinaity:
A. stressed obeying their owners
B. warned that fighting slaavery would cause everlasting damnation
C. formed the basis of the struggle for freedom
D. all of these
The survival or African culture can be documented in:
A. folklore
B. religion and music
C. language
D. all of these
The antislavery movement was referred to as:
A. Equal Rights
B. Suffrage
C. Abolitionism
D. Ableism
The Emancipation Proclamation:
A. worsened the state of the slave status
B. freed the slaves in the Confederacy
C. freed all slaves
D. was eradicated by the Supreme Court
The policy of "separate but equal" was defined as _________by the US Supreme Court in 1896:
A. reasonable
B. unacceptable
C. racist
D. discriminatory
The Supreme Court approved the use of poll taxes, literacy tests, and residency requirements as a method of keeping Blacks from voting in the decision:
A. Williams V. Mississippi
B. Plessy v. Ferguson
C. Califormia v. Bakke
D. US v. Cruikshank
Which of the fowing has the US gov. never issued an official apology for:
A. Sending Japanese Americans to internment camps during WWII
B. The enslavement of Africans brought to America
C. Injustices to the American Indians
D. The US. Gov has never issued an apology for any of these.
The Niagara Movement directly led to the formation fo the:
A. Urban League
B. Black Pather's Party
C. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.
D. Million Man March.
Communities where non-White were systematically excluded from living are called:
A. dawn towns
B. sunrise towns
C. sunset towns
D. sundown towns