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-Western Civilization final

The Allies' material advantage finally coming to bear on the Germans.

During August 1918, the war changed momentum on the Western Front due to several factors, the most important of which was: (24)


The Third Republic in France was shaken in 1894 by the "Dreyfus Affair" that saw the rise of __________ in French society. (23)


In the late 1940's and with the concurrence of Britain, the Afrikaner government of South Africa instituted its racial policy of: (27)


Due to the memories of WW1, many Western nations were divided in their response to the actions taken by fascist and nationalist government. Some wished to meet such actions with force if necessary, while others wished to negotiate. this second approach is referred to as:(26)

Aswan Dam on the Nile.

After coming to power in 1956 and following in nationalizing the Suez Canal, Gamely Abdul Nasser used money to fund a project, the__________, to further bolster Egyptian national pride and economy. (27)

Atomic bomb.

The arms race between the US and Soviet Union began in 1949 by the Soviet Union tested it own ________ ________, a weapon on which the US had a monopoly until that time. (27)

Balfour Declaration

The British had been in political control of Palestine since WW1 but promised a portion of the land as a Jewish homeland with its 1917: (27)


Although the duel monarchy of Austria-Hungary had many ethnic problems within many of its provinces, the most volatile of all was the provinces of: (24)

By signing a non-aggression pact with Nazi Germany.

How did Stalin respond to the settlement a Munich?(26)

By staging a public reconciliation with the church, including independent for the Vatican in 1929.

How did Mussolini manage the Italian states long-standing conflict with the catholic church? (25)

The Catholics

The Kulturkampf of Otto van Bismarck was a campaign waged against: (23)

The Collapse of the Deutchmark

The event in 1933 which led to Hitler being given unlimited power was the: (25)

A combination of political ineptitude and military defeat.

Russia had been stunned by early setbacks in 1914, due primarily to problems of equipment, supply,and training. By the end of 1916, it had been brought to the verge of total collapse: (24)

A conflict between natural drives and cultural restraints.

Sigmund Freud argued that mental disorders are caused by: (23)


Which of the following nations saw the spread of popular acts of passive resistance and the covert evacuation of its Jewish population after Nazi occupation?(26)

The development of Blitzkrieg warfare.

WW2 differed from WW1 in many ways which did not include:


European women, having attained the right to control their own property, view __________ as the symbol of full legal person-hood. (23)

The eruption of conflict between Axis and Allied forces in French and German colonies in Africa.

Which of the following was NOT a cause of WW2's expansion from a European war to a genuinely global war?(26)

Extended the language and the culture of Greater Russia over all non-Russian subject. (23)

For the Russian Tsar Nicholas II, Russification:


True or False: The Moscow-White Sea Canal was evidence of the superior new technology and industrialization of Russia, providing a valuable connection from the Moscow factories to the seaports of the North. (25)


True or False: Of all the changes after the war, the widespread presence of democracy was one of the few positive achievements of the conflict. (25)

Forced-labor camps supplied by political prisoners of Stalin's goverenment.

To what does the term "gulag" refer? (25)

Founded the Woman's Social the Political Union. (23)

In 1903, Emmeline Pankhurst:

the Franco-Prussian War

The most trans-formative event in the french history in the second part of the 19th century was. (23)

A general attack by the SA against Jewish.

What was the Night of Broken Glass? (25)

The German invasion of neutral Belgium

What was the public motive for Britain's declaration of war in 1914? (24)

German Social Democratic Party

Which political party became the model Marxist party in the late 19th century?

The German "von Schlieffen Plan" envisioned: A sweeping attack though Belgium to defeat the French outside Paris.

The German "von Schlieffen Plan" envisioned: (24)

Herbert Spencer

The expression "survival of the fittest" was first used by. (23)

Hitler Youth

In Nazi Germany's attempt to blur class distinctions in order to infuse a new national spirit in all Germans, they created many organizations such as the ___________ for young boys. (25)


Following the death of Stalin in 1953, many of the countries in Eastern Europe attempted to wrest some measure of independence form Moscow. Although Poland managed to establish a looser arrangement with Moscow,__________ pushed too far and was occupied by Soviet troops for a time. (27)


The great nationalist and follower of a philosophy of nonviolence, Mohandas K. Gandhi, led his country ________ into Independence. (27)

An intensification of economic nationalism.

Several factors which resulted from the Great Depression of the 1930's led to the Second World War, and among these was: (26)

The interception of the "Zimmerman telegram" sent by Germany's foreign minister Mexico.

The entry of the United State into WW1 on the side of the Allies was due to several factors; among them were the resumption of unrestricted submarine warfare by the Germans and; (24)

In trying to take direct control over the economic and political life, Stalin managed to eliminate many of his subordinates.

Which of the following describes a way in which Stalin's "Great Terror" defeated its own purpose? (25)

It became more difficult for any country to accept a fair, non punitive peace settlement.

Although all countries involved in the war used propaganda to bolster the morale of their civilian population, what was one unintended consequence? (24)

It gave British approval to a national home for European Jews in Palestine.

How did the Balfour Declaration affect the postwar policies of the Middle East? (24)

The League's inability to coordinate coherent, International action to limit the effects of the Great Depression.

Which of the following was NOT an important factor in the weakness of the league of nations?(26)

Leon Trotsky

The Bolsheviks won the Civil war due in no small measure to the hierarchical, disciples military machine of five million men created by the new Commissar of War: (25)

A lethal purge of Hitler's SA, killing over a thousand officials he considered unreliable.

What was the Night of Long Knives? (25)

A loosely organized march of woman demanding food, fuel, and political reform that quickly spiraled into a mess strike which the army joined.

The abdication of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia in February 1917 was caused by: (24)

the Masurian Lakes.

The German army, in the early days of the war, won a stunning victory over the Russians at the battle of: (24)


With so much of the male population of European countries in uniform during the war, woman increasingly filled industrial positions from which they had here-fore been excluded. In Britain, these woman were collectively dubbed: (24)

Mutual defense; an attack against one was an attack against all.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was formed in 1949 by the US and representatives of Western European states for the purpose of: (27)

The nickname given by Winston Churchill to the line separating Soviet-dominated Europe from Capitalist Europe

To what term does the "Iron Curtain" refer? (27)

The paramilitary arm of the Nazi party, who engaged in intimidating acts of public.

Who was the SA? (25)

Physical and psychological effects.

World War 1 saw the first use of many new weapons. One of these, poison gas, was particularly devastating due to its: (24)

A process of providing desperately needed food and supplies during the Soviet blockade in 1948.

What was the "Berlin Airlift?" (27)

The recover of Russian agriculture to prewar levels of prosperity.

Which of the following was the most prominent beneficial effect of the NEP? (25)

Reoccupation of the Rhineland

Hitler's stated objective in the 1930's was to reunite all ethnic Germans inside his "Third German Reich" and the first move to accomplish this objective was the:(26)

The restriction of Catholic political movements that tended towards an inherent suspicion of American culture and political motives.

Which of the following was not an important element of the Marshall Plan? (27)

Russia's defeat in the Russo-Japanese war (23)

The revolution of 1905 in Russia was caused by:

Saw Jews because of traditional anti-Semitism and modern, radicalized nationalism, as "foreign" and not a part of their national communities.

The Nazis had little trouble carrying out their program of extermination of the Jews in Europe since most people in Europe at the time:(26)

The Second Industrial Revolution

Technological advances in Europe, matched by advances in medicine and agriculture, brought about a period of renewed growth in the 19th century known as: (23)

The Soviet Union attempted to install intermediate range ballistic missiles and other offensive military equipment in Cuba.

Even with Nikita Khrushchev's desire to improve with the west and reduce tensions, military occasionally escalated almost to the point of war as in 1962 when: (27)


The turning point of the war in Eurpoe came when the Allies began launching offensives against the Germans beginning after the battle at:(26)


The first technological innovation of the second industrial revolution was with. (23)

Such that virtually none of the former colonies possessed the means to make Independence work.

For the most part, when the European colonial powers left Africa their legacy was: (27)

The support of various Ahab peoples seeking independence form the Turks?

Great Britain fought against the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East where the most crucial advantages in its victory over the Turks was: (24)

The sweeping, meticulous use of German armored vehicles and air power to cut apart slower enemy armies.

To what does the term "Blitzkrieg" refer?(26)

Syllabus of Errors

In response to the growing materialism and free thought in the world, Pope Pius IX issued an encyclical. (23)

Territories in the Middle East and former German colonies were to be administered by France and Great Britain.

What were the mandates of the "Treaty of Versailles"? (24)

Though a massive program of rearmament, also intended to reduce unemployment.

How did Nazi efforts to end the Great Depression in Germany contributes to the miniaturization of Europe? (26)

the Triple Entente

In the years preceding WW1, Europe was divided into two groups of nation-state united by treaty. Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy were opposed by Russia, France, and Great Britain, who were known collectively as: (24)


True or False: Superpower rivalry was brought to the far corners of the Globe as newly emancipated nations, freed from the holds of imperialism, were fought over as allies. (27)


True of False: After the war anti-Semitism was still rampant across Europe and many blamed the Jews for bringing the war. (27)


True or False: The Five-Year Plans resulted in enormous growth in population and in industrialization of Russia. (25)


True or False: The term "fascio" means group or band and derives from the symbol of an ax bundled with sticks that represented the authority of the Roman state. (25)

Truman Doctrine

In a 1947 speech to Congress, President Harry S. Truman set out his policy of support of the resistance of "free peoples" to communism by tying policies to economics; it would be a choice "between two ways of life." This was known as the: (27)

The US at Pearl Harbor, the British in Malaya, the french in Indo-China, and the Dutch in Indonesia.

WW2 began in the Pacific when the Japanese attacked:(26)

The use of Einsatzgruppen in eastern Europe to "pacify" conquered areas by massacring the Jewish and Gypsy populations of entire towns and regions.

Which of the following was the first major effort by the Nazis to cleanse conquered territories of "undesirable" populations?(26)

The US had become a primary international creditor during WWI.

Although the collapse of prices on the New York Stock Exchange in October 1929 caused severe problems in the US, it had not immediate and disastrous consequences in Europe because: (25)


One means by which some 19th century companies attempted to dominate an industry was to control every step of production, from the acquisition of raw materials to the distribution of the final product, in a/an __________ combination.(23)

Was captured with his mistress by Italian partisans, who shot them and hung their bodies in a public square in Milan.

At the end of the war in Europe, Hitler killed himself in his underground bunker in Berlin and Mussolini:(26)

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