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AP Government Review (part 4.6 The bureaucracy)

an advantage that
in federal government have over the president in policy making is that bureaucrats
a. control the budgetary process
b. have an independence from the president that is guaranteed by the constitution
c. find it easier to gather public support than does the president
d. usually have continuity of service in the executive branch that the president lacks
e. usually have better access to the media than the president
answer is D
choice c is incorrect because bureaucrats usually distance themselves from the public and don't have any close contact with the media
All of the following influence the Department of Defense's yearly budget except
a. the desire of the chairman of the senate Armed services committee
the budget recommendations of the joint chiefs of staff.
c. the rate of increase of the size of the armed forces
d. the number of bases being closed
e. the budget request made by the minority part in the house of representatives
answer is E
Cabinet level agencies are responsible to
a. congress
b. the president
c. the courts
d. the white house staff
e. the executive office
answer is B
Many contemporary politicians have come to see bureaucracies as agencies
a. that aim to make realistic recommendations that may result in lower budgets from the year before
b. whose main objective is to seek profits
c. whose major goal is to cut back on their powers
d. who strive to maximize their budgets and powers
e.who work more closely w/ the judiciary
answer is D
According to some political scientist, which policy making group is largely responsible for the growth of modern governments
a. bureaucracies
b. congress
c. the president
d. private business
e. the courts
answer is A
All of the following are characteristics of the independent regulatory agency except
a. it has responsibility for some sector of the economy
b. it makes rules designed to protect the public interest
c.It enforces rules designed to protect the public interest
d.its powers are so great that it is often called the "4th branch of government"
e. it is exempt from court rulings
answer is E
All of the following are examples of independent regulatory agencies except
a. the ICC
b. The federal communications committee
c. the federal reserve board
d. the securities and exchange commission
e. The CIA
answer is E
the CIA is not an independent agency it may want to act independently at times in the name of national security, but must always follow orders and is directly responsible to the president
Bureaucratic policy implementation includes all of the following except
a. the ability to abolish a nonfunctional department in another agency
b. the ability to create new operating procedures within its own agency
c. the ability to assign new responsibilities within its own agency
d. the ability to translate policy goals into operational rules for its own personnel
e. the ability to coordinate its own resources and personnel to achieve intended goals
answer is A
Administrative regulations contain all of the following elements except
a. a grant of power and set of directions from congress
b. a set of rules and guidelines by the regulatory agency itself
c. the power granted to the justice department to enforce heavy sanctions , including abolish an agency
d. a means of enforcing compliance with congressional goals and agency regulations
e. a set of penalties for noncompliance
answer is C
When a president tries to control a bureaucratic agency, all of the following methods are examples are available to him except
a. appointing the right people to head the agency
b. reducing the agency's budget
c. issuing executive orders
d. recommending a reduction of the agency's following year's budget
e. using his office to influence an agency directly
answer is B
Which of the following results from an iron triangle relationship
a. each policy being made independently from the others
b. policies being made that are contradictory from others
c. lack of integrated, coherent approach to broad policy problems
d. a cooperative relationship among a special interest group, a bureaucratic agency, and congress
e. a hostile relationship among the bureaucratic agencies making policy
answer is D
In recent years presidential policy with respect to the federal bureaucracy has been to
a. favor an increase in the number of workers to cope with the complexity of federal programs
b. favor a significant budget increase to fund new programs
c. favor downsizing and reorganization of the work force
d. request the creation of new agencies to regulate the transportation industry
e. request the elimination of the CIA
answer is C