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  1. Shoe Prints
  2. Will West
  3. Dactyloscopy
  4. Loop
  5. Ear Prints
  1. a must have one or more ridges entering and exiting from the same side it began. Types are Radial and Ulnar
  2. b A special plastic material rolled from the bottom of the ear to the top produces an ear print that can be developed just like a fingerprint. Ear prints can also be lifted from windows at crime scenes.
  3. c the study of fingerprints
  4. d Shoe prints can also be left at a scene and can be useful in apprehending a suspect
  5. e admitted to Leavenworth Penitentiary, same as William West, another prisoner who had the same appearance and Bertillon measurements

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  1. opens towards the pinky
  2. Automated Fingerprint Identification System
  3. A plain or central pocket whorl have at least one ridge that makes a complete circuit. A double loop is made of two loops and an accidental is not covered by other categories.
  4. fumes react with oils and fats to produce a temporary yellow brown reaction. Iodine crystals sublime (go directly from solid to vapor).
  5. an Argentinian police officer, researched the science of fingerprints, corresponded with Galton, then devised his own system of fingerprint classification.

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  1. Lip Printsdisplay one of five common patterns: Short Vertical Lines, Long Vertical Lines, Rectangular Lines that may criss-cross, Diamond, and Branching


  2. IodineIntegrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (FBI's). Police forces can submit samples to be compared to those on this computerized database


  3. Plastic PrintsRidge impressions left on a soft material such as putty, wax, soap, or dust.


  4. Archhas friction ridges that enter on one side of the finger and cross to the other side while rising upward in the middle


  5. Apocrine Glandsecrete cytoplasm and nuclear materials