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  1. Sir Edward Henry
  2. Apocrine Gland
  3. Alphonse Bertillon
  4. IAFIS
  5. Plastic Prints
  1. a secrete cytoplasm and nuclear materials
  2. b devised a workable classification system independently of Vucetich and implemented it in India in 1897.
  3. c Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (FBI's). Police forces can submit samples to be compared to those on this computerized database
  4. d developed the first truly organized system of identifying individuals in 1883
  5. e Ridge impressions left on a soft material such as putty, wax, soap, or dust.

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  1. A plain or central pocket whorl have at least one ridge that makes a complete circuit. A double loop is made of two loops and an accidental is not covered by other categories.
  2. that are "hidden" and are not visible to the naked eye. These prints consist only of the natural secretions of human skin and require treatment to cause them to become visible.
  3. adhere to both water and fatty deposits. Choose a color to contrast the background.
  4. display one of five common patterns: Short Vertical Lines, Long Vertical Lines, Rectangular Lines that may criss-cross, Diamond, and Branching
  5. react with chlorides to form silver chloride, a material which turns gray when exposed to light

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  1. Francesca Rojasfirst person to be convicted using fingerprints


  2. Will Westfumes react with oils and fats to produce a temporary yellow brown reaction. Iodine crystals sublime (go directly from solid to vapor).


  3. Dactyloscopythe study of fingerprints


  4. LoopAutomated Fingerprint Identification System


  5. Sir Francis Galton (1822-1911)established the idea of individuality and permanence of fingerprints