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  1. ethylene
  2. translocation
  3. summer wood
  4. root hair
  5. phytochrome
  1. a characterized by dark color due to densely packed xylem produced in the summertime
  2. b plant hormone that stimulates fruits to ripen
  3. c Light receptor pigment in photoperiodism. Pr (red-light absorbing) vs Pfr (infrared light absorbing) In short-day plants, it stops flowering but in long-day plants it induces flowering
  4. d the process of moving sugars through phloem
  5. e small extensions of the roots which actively transport nutrients, causing water to come in passively. maximize surface area for absorption

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  1. inclination to for plants to grow towards gravity
    -negative in shoots (upward growth)
    -positive in roots (downward growth)
  2. a plant's response to seasonal changes in length of night and day
  3. increase in plant DIAMETER
  4. the secretion of an endocrine gland that is transmitted by the blood to the tissue on which it has a specific effect i.e. auxin
  5. vascular tissue responsible for the transport of nutrients and the carbohydrates produced by photosynthesis, alive& composed of sieve tubes with a continuous stream of cytoplasm

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  1. gibberellinplant hormone that diffuses down from the shoot tip meristem to stimulate cell growth and elongation


  2. tracheidsSpecialized cells to conduct water, key cells in xylem with vessel elements.


  3. thigmotropismgrowth influence in plants by touch, i.e. vines curling around tree trunks


  4. annual ringsSpecialized cells to conduct water, key cells in xylem with vessel elements.


  5. tropismthe growth response of a plant toward or away from a stimulus