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  1. cohesion-tension theory
  2. sclerenchyma
  3. meristematic tissue
  4. cohesion
  5. gibberellin
  1. a theory that explains how the physical properties of water allow it to move through the xylem of plants due to evaporation
  2. b plant tissue found only in the tips of shoots and roots; responsible for plant growth via mitosis
  3. c plant cells with very thick primary and secondary cell walls fortified with lignin
  4. d refers to the hydrogen-bonding between water molecules to make a chain of water from leaf to roots
  5. e hormone that controls stem elongation along w/ auxin, triggers germination in seeds

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  1. increase in plant DIAMETER
  2. plant cells with unevenly thickened primary cell walls that are alive at maturity and that function to support the growing stem
  3. produces new xylem and phloem in stems
  4. tendency of plants to grow toward a source of light b/c of the movement of auxin to the opposing side of the plant, giving that side more nutrients to grow and lean in
  5. increase in plant LENGTH

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  1. photoperiodismLight receptor pigment in photoperiodism. Pr (red-light absorbing) vs Pfr (infrared light absorbing) In short-day plants, it stops flowering but in long-day plants it induces flowering


  2. vessel elementsStructures that, along with tracheids, make up xylem


  3. translocationthe process by which evaporation at the leaf surface pulls water up the tree through xylem


  4. root pressurethe flow of water into roots at roots hairs that builds up pressure, causing upward movement at night that is significant in smaller plants (eventually opposed by gravity)


  5. summer woodcharacterized by a light color due to rapid production of xylem in the springtime