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Republican Revolution

Name given to 1994 mid-term elections (Republicans took control of both houses)


Process by which a presidential appointment is approved by the Senate


Typically, a congressman will serve on two or three of these while in Congress


Activity congressmen engage in to help smooth out problems for the folks back home.


Members of Cognress are constantly focused on this


This rate is over 90% for both members of both houses of Congress


You are considered one of these in the eyes of your representatives


Most members of Congress held this occupation before seeking office


Tactic used by individuals or groups seeking to influence a congressman's vote


Congress is fulfilling this role/function when holding special investigations


The sum of the age requirements to be either a Representative or a Senator


Privilege given way to stop legislation (Unique to Senate)


The general practice ruled by which committee chairmen are selected


Term given to members of Congress who are responsible for getting out the vote


Two sessions of a Congress makes up one of these

Rules Committee

The "traffic cop" of business in the House of Representatives


The name given to trips to other parts of the world for the purpose of some congressional inquiry

Congressional Record

The required daily log of what goes on in Congress is called this

Pork Barrel

Phrase used to describe pet projects for a congressman's state or district

Name Recognition

Expert claim a congressman must maximize this in order to get reelected.


Proposed legislation is physically placed into this device in the House of Representatives


The privilege of free mail for members of Congress


Mushroom and Sunbelt are examples of these informal congressional organizations

Vice President

Presiding officer of the Senate

Conference Committee

Responsible for ironing out differences between legislation passed in both houses

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