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Miranda v Arizona

Protects Rights of Arrested Citizens

Roe v Wade

Protects women's rights to abortion

US v Nixon

The president is not protected by executive privilege when a crime is being investigated

Scheneck v US

Upholds federal authority to restrict rights when a clear and present danger to national security exists

Korematsu v US

Upholds federal authority to detain Japanese Americans in the name of national security

Engel v Vitale

Restricts use of Prayer in school

Furman v Georgia

Declares death penalty unconstitutional

Board of Regents v Bakke

Declares racial based quotas to be reverse discrimination

Insular Cases

Constitutional rights do not automatically accompany annexation

US v Northern Securities Co

Upholds federal authority to use Sherman Anti Trust Act

TN v Scopes

The "monkey" trial pitting evolution against fundamentalists

Schechter Poultry v US

Overturns provisions of FDR's NIRA programs

US v Butler

Overturns provisions of FDR's AAA programs

Smith v Allwright

Declares racial restrictions on primary voting unconstitutional.

Dennis v US

Upholds federal authority to detain communists in the name of national security

Brown v Board of Education

Overturns Plessy decision

Reynolds v Sims

Upholds need for legislative reapportionment to protect "one person, one vote"

Milliken v Bradley

Modifies Charlotte decision and prohibits busing across school district lines

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