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God's Law. Islamic Law


Islamic Law. Sources: Qur'an and Hadiths. Entire body of laws that guides believers in this life. No gambling. No intoxicants. No usury.


Educated person. like PhD in religious school. Specializes in specific area of sharia law. i.e judge or important civic or religious leader. Qualified for various roles in Muslim society.


Like ulama but in more economic challenged areas. Not as much training but the most trained they have available to them. Some training. Considered local experts. Muslim law interpretator


One of the first intellectual movements, 8th century school. Rationalism. Tried to answer several perplexing questions like the ultimate origin of nature.


Theme in art.

Persian Miniatures

Small paintings of parsonages and activities commissioned by Persian court. topics were usually secular.


Recollections. Narrative of sayings or rituals of Muhammad. Remembrances of Muhammad's words or actions. How he lived his life.


Islamic juris prudence


Lawful. Permissible.


Anything prohibited by Islamic Law. Punishable.

Dietary Restrictions

Not full kosher, but no pork. Animals/meat prepared a certain way. No wine, no alcohol.

Prohibition Against Usury and Gambling

No interest on loans. Gambling is a wast of time and money.

Male Circumcision

Age 8. Sharia Law.

Female Circumcision

At puberty. Not Sharia Law. Local custom.


Arranged because of local custom. Not Sharia law. Husband's age 1/2+7 years for age of wife. Can be dissolved by husband or wife.


Husband divorce. Says "talaq" three times. Must live together with no sex for three cycles. Gives back dowry. Can only be divorced three times. After that, must remarry to someone else before remarrying original spouse again.


Wife divorce. Requires a reason and paperwork to the ulama or mulah. Abandons dowry.


Multiple wives. Up to four, if you can afford them. Not widely practiced.


Women's head scarf


Large robes. Obscures figure. Sometimes worn by choice.


Local practice in India. Not Sharia law. Segregated households.

Half a Man

Women must take a witness to enter into a contract.

Half an Inheritance

Women only receive 1/2 what their male counterparts would receive. Males have more financial responsibilities.....

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