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  1. phenobarbital
  2. pentazocine
  3. nitrous oxide
  4. yohimbine
  5. phenylpropanolamine (PPA)
  1. a Proin an adrenergic agonist AKA sympathomimetic TX urinary incontinence in spayed female dogs targets a1 receptors in internal urethral sphincter
  2. b Yobine an alpha blocker AKA adrenergic antagonist AKA sympatholytic reversal for xylazine reverses analgesia too!
  3. c Talwin partial agonist used in horses for analgesia controlled
  4. d long acting oxybarbiturate controlled drug oral seizure med depresses motor sensors in brain and raises seizure threshold can cause sedation at first, anxiety, agitation, PU/PD, polyphagia (munchies) hepatotoxicity risk so blood levels are monitored
  5. e BLUE tank gas rarely used alone decreases other inhalant anesthetics MAC and speeds induction

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  1. Reconcile (vet label for separation anxiety in dogs) and Prozac SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) more serotonin specific than TCA's so fewer side effects for separation anxiety, aggression, compulsive disorder, phobias, and urine marking may cause anorexia or decreased appetite(common in Reconcile) lethargy at first, urine and stool retention, liver and kidney value blood testing needed
  2. Brethine an adrenergic agonist AKA sympathomimetic bronchodilator
  3. Numorphan mu agonist may excite cats, panting (paradixical), easy startling, for pre-med and analgesia controlled
  4. Proventil an adrenergic agonist AKA sympathomimetic bronchodilator
  5. skeletal muscle relaxant in horses affects connecting neurons of spinal cord and brain stem used w/ anesthetics also an expectorant

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  1. naloxoneHalothane and Flouthane RED liquid inhalant anesthetic no longer available high vapor pressure(volatility) low solubility content some lipid solubility moderate MAC and rubber solubility preservative cause buildup in machine sensitizes heart to catecholamines and can cause arrhythmias like xylazine increases vagal tone = low RR possible hepatotoxicity risk since 25% goes to liver malignant hyperthermia risk in pigs mostly


  2. phenylephrineNeosynephrine an adrenergic agonist AKA sympathomimetic topical nasal vasoconstrictor to decrease nasal secretions (nosebleeds)


  3. norepinephrineadrenergic catecholamine neurotransmitter raises BP


  4. T-61nonarcotic nonbarbiturate euthanasia solution w/ general and local anesthetic and a muscle paralyzer can cause muscle twitching, delayed death if injected perivascular


  5. epinephrineadrenergic catecholamine neurotransmitter raises BP


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