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  1. yohimbine
  2. sevoflurane
  3. midazolam
  4. propanolol
  5. detomidine
  1. a a beta blocker AKA adrenergic antagonist AKA sympatholytic lower HR and BP
  2. b Dormosedan an adrenergic alpha 2 agonist AKA sympathomimetic can cause sweating, muscle tremors, penile prolapse, low HR, BP, and AV block for horses sedation, analgesia, emesis, chemical restraint, and short term anesthesia when combod better rear limb analgesia than xylazine
  3. c Yobine an alpha blocker AKA adrenergic antagonist AKA sympatholytic reversal for xylazine reverses analgesia too!
  4. d YELLOW liquid lowest vapor pressure and blood:gas solubility highest MAC few cardiac effects and metabolized by lungs like iso
  5. e Versed a benzodiazepine tranquilizer light sensitive controlled drug can absorb into IV bag cats can experience rare liver DX

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  1. naturally occuring from poppy plant antidiarrheal controlled
  2. a beta blocker AKA adrenergic antagonist AKA sympatholytic lower HR and BP
  3. long acting oxybarbiturate controlled drug oral seizure med depresses motor sensors in brain and raises seizure threshold can cause sedation at first, anxiety, agitation, PU/PD, polyphagia (munchies) hepatotoxicity risk so blood levels are monitored
  4. Metofane liquid inhalant anesthetic no longer available used in non-precision vaporizer (bottle w/a wick) high blood:gas solubility = long induction/recovery time high lipid solubility = retained in fat metabolized by liver and kidneys kidney toxicity risk preservative makes machine valves sticky
  5. Anipryl (vet label) MAOI targets dopamine for canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome don't give with amitraz (antiparasitic), SSRI's, or TCA's

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  1. atipamezolea beta blocker AKA adrenergic antagonist AKA sympatholytic eye drops prevent glaucoma in contralateral eye by decreasing aqueous humor production


  2. megestrol acetateOvaban synthetic progestin last ditch effort for urine marking and intraspecies aggression can cause diabetes mellitus in cats (DM), PU/PD, weight gain, personalty changes, endometrial and/or mammary hyperplasia, and mammary neoplasia


  3. neuroleptanalgesiaReglan a direct acting cholinergic AKA parasympathomimetic controls vomiting promotes gastric emptying


  4. prazosinMinipress an alpha blocker AKA adrenergic antagonist AKA sympatholytic for high BP and decreases urethral sphincter tone faster than phenoxybenzamine


  5. guiafenesin or glyceral guaiacolate (GG)an anticholinergic AKA parasympatholytic preanesthetic like atropine but lasts longer and only marginally crosses placenta so good for C-sections