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More Geometry vocabulary from Chap 13


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parallel lines
lines in the same plane that never intersect
intersecting lines
lines that cross at exactly one point
perpendicular lines
Lines that intersect to form right angles
Congruent figure
Figures that have the same size and shape
Similar figure
figures that have the same shape but not necessarily the same size
line of symmetry
a line that divides a figure into two halves that are mirror images of each other
Rotational symmetry
If you can rotate an object less than 360 degrees and the object looks like it did before you turned it, then the object has rotational symmetry.
corresponding parts
Parts of congruent or similar figures that match.
line symmetry
If an object can have a line drawn down the center and both sides are congruent, then the object has line symmetry.
How to name a line segment?
Use the two endpoints of the line segment. Put a small straight line over the two letters ( no points needed)
How to name a ray?
Use two points on the Ray. The first one must be the endpoint, and the second could be any other point. Or if you only know the endpoint, use that. Over the letter or letters, draw a small line with an arrow on one end.
How to name a line?
Use two letters... one from each end of the diagram, nearest the arrows- draw a small line over the top of the letters, with arrows on both ends.