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  1. goldman
  2. spiral ganglion
  3. inhibitory transmission
  4. postsynaptic potentials
  5. amino acids
  1. a - the change in membrane voltage caused by Ach
    - membrane must be depolarized to threshold to initiate an ap
    - each quantum causes 1mV deoplarization of membrane
    - EPSP or IPSP
  2. b - sensory neurons each have a synapse with a hair ceel is "turned in" or most sensitive to a particular freqency
    - almost all contact inner hair cells
  3. c - calculate membrane potential
  4. d - synaptic transmission that causes transcient hyperpolarization of the post synaptic neuron
    - decreases the probability that the ppost synaptic neuron will fire an action potential
  5. e - start with "g"
    - also aspartate
    - made in axon terminus (synaptic vesicles

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  1. - summing of all IPSP and EPSP to determine if threshold has been met for AP generation
    - based on temporal & spatial summation
  2. - different g proteins or stimulate annd inhibit adenylyl cyclase
    - causes formation of cAMP and activation of PKA
    - PKA phosphorylates serine & threonine residues on target proteins
  3. - ANS
    - innervate all organs except liver, skin & arteries
    - always active to maintain homeostasis
    - causes relaxation & ihibits activity of innverated end organs
    - except increases digestion
    - bp, hr decrease, blood flow directed from muscle to viscera
  4. - the amount of time that a psp will last at a given membrane location = tau
    - time it takes for constant applied voltage to build up to 63% of its final value
  5. - end in "-ine" or "-in"
    - made in axon terminus (synaptic vesicles)
    - DA, ACh, histanine

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  1. occipital lobe- involved in processing hearing and language


  2. wernicke's area- in secondary cortex
    - when damaged patients cannot understand speech because the sounds or out of order


  3. nernst- depolarization of the post-synaptic membrane caused by the neurotransmitter brings the membrane potential close to the threshold for firing an ap
    - influx of Na or Ca


  4. parietal lobe- involved in controlling movement, by sequentially activating muscles
    - lesions cause ataxia
    - derieved from hindbrain, but not part of the brain stem
    - connected to pons & medulla
    - coordinate muscle activity
    - posutre
    - equilibrium
    - spatial reasoning
    - right & left hemispheres


  5. efferent neurons- innervates muscle
    - soma is in the ventral horn grey matter of the spinal cord at each level
    - efferent