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Social Studies- Ch. 12 Europe- 4 Regions

4 Regions:
-Northern Europe
-Central Europe
-Southern Europe
-Eastern Europe
Northern Europe:
7 Countries:
-United Kingdom
E.U- European Union-
27 countries, 1 standardized system, share same currency, laws for better trade, flow of goods.
-ex: the "euro" for $, no conversion
- franc (French), mark (German)
United Kingdom (UK):
Northern Ireland
-"Chunnel 1"
-underwater train between UK and France
-"The Underground"- subway system
-Palace at Westminster- Houses of Parliament in London, England
-Big Ben- clock/bell tower
-London Eye- Western Hemisphere's largest ferris wheel
-Constitutional Monarchy- King & Queen, symbolic, tradition
-UK, Sweden, Denmark, Norway only
-Parliament Democracy- voters elect Parliament (govt. that makes law)
-London- UK capitol
-Scotland- bagpipes bigger exporter: Pakistan Middle East origin
-Loch Ness (a bay, fjord)
-Catholics- want to be Independent "Nationalists"
-Protests- be part of UK, "Unionists" most of UK
-Bloody Sunday- civil rights protest, unarmed citizens shot by British
-Emerald Isle- mild/rainy due to the wester lease (wind that carries warm gulf waters north)
-Bogs- swamps, land filled with peat
-Peat- pians decaying in water, burned for fuel
-Irish Potato Famine:
-potato crops failed from blight (dea seas)
- 1845-1852
-mass starvation
-many immigrated Ireland
-St. Patrick choose shamrock as symbol for the Trinity: (God/Father, Jesus/Son, and Holy Spirit)
-high standards of living because it has mixed economy
culture differs from Scandinavian countries because ancestors came from Russia (Siberia) not from Germanic tribes (Central Europe)
"Land of Fire and Ice". active volcanoes & glaciers on 2 tectonic plates moving apart
-Geysers- springs that shoot up hot water & steam
geysers in U.S- Yellowstone National Park
-The Blue Lagoon: geothermal energy produced by steam underground
-Vikings- early settlers
-Aurora Borealis- "Northern Lights"- solar electrolights interact with atmosphere
- Norwegian Stave churches- post & beam construction, made out of wood
- Fjords- sea filled canyons (like a bay/inlet/straight) supplies fish
-Ice Hotel- rebuilt every year, made entirely of ice
-Subway systems- like an art gallery
-Copenhagen: (capitol) Trading center b/c Baltic Sea is too shallow for ships
-Little Mermaid: Hans Christian Anderson- author
-Biking- main transportation in Denmark
Central Europe:
France Germany
Benelux Countries- Alpine Countries-
-Belgium -Switzerland
-Netherlands -Austria
-Luxembourg -Liechtenstein
~culture ~mountainous
~agriculture ~strong economy
~industry ~high standards of living
Southern Europe:
-located on the Iberian Peninsula
-capitol- Madrid
-covered by Meseta:a dry plateau surrounded by mountain ranges
-Dry Farming: land left unplanted every few years so it can store moisture
-before 1970's- Dictator
-after 1970's- Democracy
-Regions of Spain have autonomy (self rule) now
-Basque Region... wants to be it's own country
-Basque ppl speak Euskera
-lang. not related to any other in world
-Constitutional Monarchy
-King/Prime Minister
-95% Catholic
-healthy- lots of seafood
-tortilla español
-kids go home for lunch
-later dinner (8-9 pm)
-world leader in olive oil & wine
-mopeds (younger ppl)
-cars too
-Fiesta San Fermin (July) Running of the Bulls
-Pamplona festival/party
-Bulls run through streets
-Bull fighting
-Traditional Bullfighting
-Capitol- Lisbon
-Land- low costal plain
-good farming
-lots of ppl fish for living
-Most ppl live on the coast
-President/Prime Minister
-3 branches of Gov.
-English taught in 1st grade and other by 7th
-Capitol- Rome
-In northern alps cover broad Lombardy plain
-in central/southern, Apennine Mts. form backbone & stretches into Sicily
-volcanoes dot landscape & earthquakes/volcanic eruptions are common in history
-Economy- in mid 1990's, changed from mainly agriculture to leading industrial economy
-Most growth's in north; products such as technical inst, appliances, clothing, and high-quality goods
-Po River valley is richest farming region (livestock, grapes, olives, other crops)
-Southern Italy- poor, less industrialized
-many seek better life in the north
-Many and most speak Italian
-nearly all are Roman Catholic
-Church leaders, (the pope) live in the Vatican City- smallest country in the world (110 acres)
-President- 7 years
- Prime Minister
-no activities
-hang out; piazzas
-dog parking stations
-Land- with mainland (located on Balkan Peninsula, named after Balkan Mts) has 2,000 islands
-mountainous; poor, stony soil; many earthquakes
-in highlands, ppl raise sheep/goats
-on plains, olives, wheat and other crops are grown
-Economy- developed new industries; textiles, footwear, & chemicals
-Shipping is major business
-world's largest shipping fleet
-Tourism is another key industry
-People- 60% are urban dwellers
-nearly 1/3 live in/around Athens, capitol
-Speak a similar lang. to ancient times
-most are Greek Orthodox Christians
-Part of democratic republic and member of the EU