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I will go


I will have

je devrai

I will have to


I will send

je serai

I will be

je ferai

I will make/do

il pleuvra

it will rain

je pourrai

I will be able

je recevrai

I will receive

je saurai

I will know

je tiendrai

I will hold

je viendrai

I will come

je verrai

I will see

je mourrai

I will die

je cueillerai

I will pick

il vaudra

it will be worth

je querrai

I will summon


I will acquire

je conquerrai

I will conquer


I will welcome


I will call


I will spell

je jetterai

I will throw

je projetterai

I will project

je rappellerai

I will call back, recall, remember

je achèterai

I will buy


I will achieve, complete, finish


I will take, bring


I will take

je promènerai

I will walk

je lèverai

I will get up

je essaierai

I will try


I will use, employ


I will bore, annoy, bother

je nettoierai

I will clean

je paierai

I will pay

je parviendrai

I will reach, achieve, manage to

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