is the combination of lean ground meat, egg whites, mirepoix, herbs and spices, and tomato or other acid ingredient
onion brûle
French for "burnt onion". Made by charring onion halves; used to flavor and color (golden brown) stocks and sauces
protein denaturation
the breaking up of protein molecules...often done by changing temperature (heat) or pH levels (acid)
the process of clarifying a consomme that has gone cloudy, performed by creating a new clarification
a perfectly clear broth made by using a mix of protein, vegetables and acid to form a raft that will filter out solids and leave it perfectly clear
protein coagulation
When individual proteins denature in the presence of heat and create new bonds with each other
A floating mass that forms in the top of a consommé by the union of the protein coagulation in the presence of heat, and helps in clarification
define consommè
A rich, flavorful seasoned stock that has been clarified to make it perfectly clear and translucent.
A consommé is a perfectly clear broth.
what is a clarification and when does a clarification begin to be referred to as a raft
Clarification is the combination of the following ingredients:
- lean ground meat,
- egg whites, mirepoix,
- herbs and spices,
- and tomato or other acidic ingredients.
Referring to a raft, the clarification begins directly after the raft because the raft combines all the particles within the stock and after that is when one clarifies.
what is the main purpose of an onion brûle in a consommé ?
to add additional color and flavor
describe protein coagulation as it relates to the making of a consommé
is the agglutinating of proteins, usually due to the application of heat or acid.
when making consommé, a mixture of ground meat, egg whites, and other ingredients trap impurities resulting in a perfectly clear broth
what is the basic formula for 1 gallon of finished consommé?
Basic Consommé Formula:
Yield: 1 gallon
- Lean ground meat 3lb.
- Stock 6qts.
- Egg whites 10ea.
- Mirepoix 1lb.
- Tomato product (NO paste) 10oz.
- Salt 2Tbsp.
- Onion Brules (optional) 2each
what is the purpose of an acid in the clarification of a consommé?
The purpose of an acid is to blend into the clarification to help the raft form promptly as well as its flavor.
what are the guidelines for choosing a garnish for consommé?
is another way to introduce and influence other flavors
what are the characteristics of a well-made consommé ?
- rich in flavor
- crystal clear
- no fat
describe the formula and method for reclarifing a cloudy consommé
- cool the liquid to 120ºF aprox (below egg whites coagulation temp.)
- beat 1 egg white/qt. liquid with a pinch of salt or a form of acid (tomatoes) to denature whites
- mix the egg whites into the warm liquid thoroughly
- heat the mixture to a gentle simmer, stirring to prevent anything from sticking to the bottom
simmer gently 5 minutes to fully coagulate all whites (egg raft)
- strain carefully through coffee filter.
what is the appropriate garnish for a consommé?
any garnish can be, but it should be well prepared
vegetables should be cut neatly and precisely. pre cooked and put in water with salt, soft and supple in the mouth