25 terms

PowerPoint: Quiz Questions

Lines, arrows, stars, banners, ovals, and rectangles are examples of __________ that are used to illustrate an idea, a process, or a workflow.
Animations that bring a slide element onto the screen are called
Entrance effects.
A __________ is displayed after the last slide of the presentation and indicates that the presentation is over.
black slide
A chart that is created in PowerPoint is stored as __________ that is incorporated into the PowerPoint file.
an Excel worksheet
Changing the appearance of the text, layout, and design of a slide is called
__________ are printouts that show the slide image on the top of the page and the notes that have been created on the bottom of the page.
Notes pages
A presentation's __________ is applied to all text except the slide titles.
Body font
A __________ is a box on a slide with dashed or dotted borders that holds titles and body text, or other content such as charts, tables, or pictures.
The primary editing view in PowerPoint where the user can write and design presentations is
Normal view.
A(n) __________ is used to move an object off the screen.
Exit effect.
__________ is a gallery of text styles that includes effects such as mirrored or shadowed text.
The __________ provides predefined combinations of fill colors and line colors that can applied to shapes.
Shape Styles gallery
The motion effects that occur when moving from one slide to the next during a presentation are called
slide transitions.
Printed images of slides on a piece of paper are called
slide handouts.
PowerPoint's __________ displays a presentation in a similar manner to a slide show, but the taskbar, title bar, and status bar remain visible in the presentation window.
Reading view
A button that turns a feature on and off is called a __________ button.
When __________ surround a picture, the user knows that the picture is selected and can be modified or formatted.
sizing handles
__________ controls the speed of an animation.
A presentation's __________ is applied to the slide titles.
Headings font
__________ can be applied to clip art, shapes, and text boxes to complement slide backgrounds and colors.
Styles and effects
A __________ is a single media file including art, sound, animation, or movies.
A __________ is a collection of formatting options that you can apply to a picture, text, or an object.
A set of unified design elements that provides a look for a presentation by applying colors, fonts, and effects is called a(n)
A PowerPoint presentation is made up of one or more __________ that can contain text, pictures, tables, charts, and other objects.
__________ can be used to rearrange and delete slides and to apply formatting to multiple slides at one time.
Slide Sorter view