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Make up the cell (oxygen, carbon, hydrogen)

Cell (Cyt/o)

The basic unit of life

Cellular Activity

Respiration - to breath
Metabolism - to eat
Reproduce - to live on

Cell Membrane

Part of the cell - outer covering


Part of the cell - controls the center


Part of the cell - provides protection


Part of the cell - promotes fluid


Part of the cell - lives in our DNA (tiny pieces of organs)


Part of the cell - the powerhouse of the cell. Tells the cells where to go

Cell division

Reproduction of the cells


The different stages of a cell (IPMAT)


Young, new cell


Cell beginning to grow


Fully formed cell


Cells starting to split


Process of splitting

Tissue (Hist/o)

A group of cells with a similar function

Epithelial tissue

Covers internal and external organs, moist, wet

Connective Tissue

Binds and supports, holds body together

Muscle Tissue

Heavy, thicker tissue, flexes and contracts

Nerve Tissue

Reacts to stimuli, touch


Simplist form of tissue, very thin and porous, absorbs and secretes, mucus, pus, body fluid


Goups of tissue that performs, group of tissues that work together to perform closely realated functions


groups of organs working together to perform complex functions

Whole body

The complete human being

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