36 terms

American Government Unit 5

federal gov and state gov have 2 House Representatives
meeting of party leaders
every 10 years, the Bureau of Census sends document of reapportionment to Congress, who tells the states the number of seats they have in the House
reducing boundary lines to give one pol party an advantage over the other
can't be touched
vote trading
more than half vote to gain victory
largest number of votes received by a candidate
Ear Marks/"Pork" Barrel
things that get added to a bill that have nothing to do with the bill; politics aimed at securing advantages for purely local and questionable purposes
redrawing of boundary lines of election districts so that legislative representation is redistributed
statement of opinion by legislative body
Simple Resolution
passed by either House or Senate
Joint Resolution
passed by both the House and Senate
Seniority Rule
however long a person has served in either the House or Senate; can help with Memberships
Session of Congress
2 Sessions: starts Jan 3rd, ends whenever they want
Term of Congress
1 Term = 2 Sessions
Conference Committee
if two different bills are sent to the Pres from the House ans Senate, conference com. created to discuss and create one version
Majority/Minority Leader
lead party on the floor, organize members for voting
Party Whip
assistant to majority/minority leaders
President Pro Tem
paid more than VP, does nothing, presides over Senate when VP cannot
Select/Special Committee
temporary committees to deal with specific issues not covered by other committees
Standing Committee
permanent committee, 19 in the House ans 17 in the Senate
Wesberry vs. Sanders (1964)
told Congress to make guidelines for redrawing boundary lines
Baker vs. Carr (1962)
courts looked at the plans of states for redrawing boundary lines
Steering Committee
provides guidance, direction and control to a project within Congress
the people that are represented
Quorum Call
called when thought there is not enough people on the floor, request of attendance to be taken
Congressional Record
word for word record of everything said on floor of House and Senate; things can be added in afterward, marked by a "."
20th Amendment
made the start of the Congress term January 3rd
Franking Privilege
free mailing for Congress
17th Amendment
Senators are elected by public (direct election)
Excise Tax
tax on sale or consumption of a product
told can't do something
Before 1913, Senators were elected by state politicians
new term, informal groups of individuals in the House and Senate who organize along a pol ideaology, advocacy, issue