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  1. Select/Special Committee
  2. Reapportionment
  3. Plurality
  4. Joint Resolution
  5. Majority/Minority Leader
  1. a temporary committees to deal with specific issues not covered by other committees
  2. b redrawing of boundary lines of election districts so that legislative representation is redistributed
  3. c passed by both the House and Senate
  4. d largest number of votes received by a candidate
  5. e lead party on the floor, organize members for voting

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  1. permanent committee, 19 in the House ans 17 in the Senate
  2. however long a person has served in either the House or Senate; can help with Memberships
  3. passed by either House or Senate
  4. told Congress to make guidelines for redrawing boundary lines
  5. tax on sale or consumption of a product

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  1. Majoritycan't be touched


  2. Censuretold can't do something


  3. Steering Committeeprovides guidance, direction and control to a project within Congress


  4. Quorum Callfederal gov and state gov have 2 House Representatives


  5. Logrollinglargest number of votes received by a candidate