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  1. Select/Special Committee
  2. "Perk"
  3. Conference Committee
  4. Franking Privilege
  5. Resolution
  1. a benefit
  2. b statement of opinion by legislative body
  3. c if two different bills are sent to the Pres from the House ans Senate, conference com. created to discuss and create one version
  4. d temporary committees to deal with specific issues not covered by other committees
  5. e free mailing for Congress

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  1. 1 Term = 2 Sessions
  2. reducing boundary lines to give one pol party an advantage over the other
  3. 2 Sessions: starts Jan 3rd, ends whenever they want
  4. Senators are elected by public (direct election)
  5. lead party on the floor, organize members for voting

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  1. Censustold can't do something


  2. Reapportionmentstatement of opinion by legislative body


  3. Immunitymore than half vote to gain victory


  4. Excise Taxfederal gov and state gov have 2 House Representatives


  5. Seniority Rulemore than half vote to gain victory