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Yellow Onions
- Strongest onion flavor
- All onions should be firm, dry, and feel heavy
- Only store in fridge once they have been cut
- Store in cool area
- Small bulb onions with one flat side
- Avoid ones that appear dry or have sprouted
- Store in dry, cool, unrefrigerated place
Red Onion
- Sweeter, milder flavor
Pearl Onion
- Mild flavor
White Onions
- Best eaten raw because very sweet
- Cooking destroys that sweetness
- Finer crushed=stronger flavor
- Longer cook time=less strength
- Choose firm, dry bulbs with tightly closed cloves and smooth skins
- Don't refrigerate but store in cool place
- Sweet, mild onion flavor
- Wash carefully because grown in sandy soil
- Choose firm leeks with stiff roots and stems
Scallions (green onions)
- Bright green tops and clean white bulbs
- Avoid limp, slimy leaves

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