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midterm psy

critical thinking
In your textbook, the process of objectively evaluating, comparing, analyzing, and synthesizing information is called _____.
advances scientific knowledge
The term basic research is BEST defined as research that _____.
a replication of studies
Stewie and Meg were intrigued by the results of a study about the biases people display toward work done by males compared to work done by females. They decided to perform the same study, following the same procedures, to see if they would get the same results. This is an example of _____.
dendrites; axon
The branches of the neuron that receive neural impulses from other neurons are called _____, and the tube-like structure that conveys impulses toward other neurons is called the _____.
The process of selecting, organizing, and interpreting sensory data into usable mental representations of the world is called _____.
change blindness
Bruce and Clark are out having coffee. Clark decides to play a trick on Bruce by going to the bathroom and changing his tie to one of a different color. Despite being the world's greatest detective, Bruce does not seem to even notice that Clark's tie changed at all. This is due to
bottom-up; top-down
When we are simply trying to make sense of the array of colors and shapes being shown to us in an image, we are using _____ processing. When we mentally form an image of Waldo and use that mental representation to aid our search for him in a physical image, we are using _____ processing.
sensing; perceiving
When you look up at the sky and simply notice the clouds, you are engaging in the process of _____; when you try to organize the clouds into recognizable shapes or objects, you are engaging in the process of _____.
When Mayor West listens to music being played on piano, he can see vibrant colors coming out of the piano. Mayor West probably has
The branch of psychology that studies the relation between attributes of the physical world and our psychological experience of those attributes is called _____.
The smallest magnitude of a particular stimulus energy that can be detected is called its _____ threshold.
difference needed to notice a stimulus change
The difference threshold is the minimal _____.
) observe and systematically record behavior in a participant's natural state or habitat
In a naturalistic observation, a researcher would be most likely to do which of the following?
a survey
Lois is thinking of running for student body president, but she wonders whether her campaign should emphasize campus security, improved parking facilities, or increased health services. Which scientific method of research would you recommend she use to determine the focus of her campaign?
Movements that are initiated by an external stimulus and bypass input from your brain are called _____.
autonomic; somatic
The _____ nervous system is responsible for involuntary tasks whereas the _____ nervous system is responsible for voluntary tasks.
maintaining balance
In addition to coordinating movement, the cerebellum may also play a role in _____.
the sense of hearing
Audition is _____.
selective attention
When the brain is sorting out and attending only to the most important messages from the senses, it is engaged in the process of _____.
brain habituation
. Car alarms that change from a siren to a honking horn and back again are attempting to prevent _____.
The final stage of perception is called_______.
our attention is selective and cannot maintain conscious processing of all the stimuli in our environment
Change blindness occurs because _____.
use controlled processing
. Your BEST strategy for passing this exam is to _____.
EEG recordings
Scientists study sleep in sleep labs using _____.
very slow, high-amplitude delta waves
Which of the following is characteristic of Stages 3 and 4 sleep?
wishing she were dead; pushing her off the cliff
Nelson was very angry with his stepmother, and wished she were dead. That night Nelson dreamed that he pushed her off a cliff and yelled, "Ha ha!" According to Freud, the latent content of Nelson's dream would be _____, while the manifest content would be _____.
Brain specialization for language is nearly always reversed in left-handers.
Which of the following is FALSE about left-handers?
identical, dizygotic and fraternal
Which type of twins can be helpful to researchers studying the contribution of genetics and environmental for behavior?
double-blind study
Your research class conducted an experiment on caffeine-induced stress in which neither the class researchers nor the participants in the experiment knew who did and did not receive caffeine until after the study was completed. This research technique is called a(n) _____.