4 terms

Context Vocabulary Clues

Synonym/ Restatement
A word or group of words has a similar meaning and is used later by the author, either to clarify or reiterate there point. Found in sentences with parallel structure or lists.
Antonym/ Contrast
A word of group of words has opposite meaning and is used later by the author, to contrast or juxtapose. Catch signal words like "but," "although," "instead," ect.
Hardest one. What is being talked about in the passage, what word would be filled in the blank? ex. reparations passage in Beowulf, talking about money, repayment
Bases/ Root words
What other words does the word sound like? What is the root of the word? ex. reparation-repair-repay, or tripartite- tri= three, partite= part, so, divided into three parts