22 terms

OB/GYN Final Exam

muscles responsible for supporting pelvic organs and contraction of the vagina and rectum
levator ani muscles
uterus bent forward
site where oogenesis takes place
peripheral cortex
Which uterine arteries are in the myometrium?
radial arteries
How many bones is the bony pelvis composed of?
4 (2 innominate, 1 sacrum, 1 coccyx)
the female pelvis is part of what cavity?
The female pelvis is divided into what two cavities?
true and false
What separates the true and false pelvis?
linea terminalis
What is the shape of the true pelvis?
bowl-shaped cavity
What three muscles make up the false pelvis?
rectus abdominus, iliacus, and psoas major muscles (RIP)
What muscles may be seen on either side of the bladder?
obturator internus muscles and iliopsoas
What is the purpose of the true pelvis?
to hold the pelvic organs in place
What connects to the medial aspect of the greater trochanter?
obturator internus muscles
Where do the obturator internus muscles attach at?
medial aspect of the greater trochanter
Where do the piriformis muscles connect?
superior aspect of the greater trochanter
What connects to the superior aspect of the greater trochanter?
piriformis muscles
What muscles form a hammock across the floor of the true pelvis called the levator ani muscles?
pubococcygeus and iliococcygeus muscles
Can the broad ligament be seen sonographically?
providse minimal support for the uterus
broad ligament
supports the pelvis
round ligament
maintains the forward bend of the uterus
round ligament
supports the cx