US Government Chapter 17

A key role of the secretary of state is
Offering advice on foreign affairs to the President
The United States does not have a major strategic military alliance in the Middle East mainly because
The United States wants to maintain friendly relations with both Arabs and Israelis
During the cold war, American relations with the Soviet Union were dominated by
Which is NOT a stated purpose of the United Nations
to promote free trade throughout the world
A major feature of American foreign policy since World War II has been
The Secretary of Defense is responsible for all of the following EXCEPT
selecting the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Which historic world event finally ended the United States' commitment to a policy of isolationism
World War II
The United States offers foreign aid MOSTLY to
support struggling democracies and countries that are critical to foreign policy objectives
Since the end of the cold war, American foreign policy has recognized that
there are several new threats to world security
Five member nations hold the veto power in the United Nations
Security Council
The contrasting foreign policies of the United States that followed World War I and World War II can best be summarized as a shift from
Isolationism to internationalism
Since the end of the cold war, which region of the world has shaped American foreign policy the MOST?
Middle East
A period of detente with the Soviet Union ended with the
Soviet invasion of Afghanistan
All of the following contributed to the American shift from isolationism to internationalism EXCEPT
The state of domestic affairs
The difference between a passport and a visa is that
A passport is issued by the United States while a visa is issued by the country one wishes to enter
Although diplomats enjoy immunity from the laws of the state in which they are stationed, the host government may
expel them from the country
Although CIA agents do their work in secret
they must report on that work to the President
American isolationism really extended
only to outside the Western Hemisphere
Although the Monroe Doctrine was proclaimed in 1823, it didn't undergo its first real test until
The French invasion of Mexico
While the world hoped that collective security would shape world events following World War II, events were in fact shaped largely by
Relations between the United States and the Soviet Union
The membership of NATO expanded as
The threat to its members diminished
The transformation of UN secretary-general from "chief clerk" to "international peacemaker" proves that
humans are in control of institutions, not the reverse.