15 terms

Terms for May 1st

Jerry Falwell
-the leader of Moral Majority
Moral Majority
-an organization that wanted to follow the Bible and revive the traditional values they believed had strengthened the country in the past.
-an economic program's main goal: spur business growth
-rested on the theory of supply side economics
-this theory reversed earlier policies based on the ideas of English economist John Maynard Keynes
Strategic Defense Initiative
-known as "star wars" after the 1977 film
-proposed the creation of a massive satellite shield in space to intercept and destroy incoming soviet missiles
Election of 1984
-Republican: Ronald Reagen (WON in a landslide) (running mate is George H. Walker Bush)
-Democrat: Walter Mondale (running mate: Geraldine Ferraro)
Geraldine Ferraro
-Walter Mondale's running mate in the election of 1984
-first woman running-mate on a major big party ticket
1984 LA Olympics
-the 1st time this event had come to the US in half a century
-Soviet Union and East Germany (communist countries) boycotted this (pay back for US boycotting 1980 Moscow Olympics)
-US won an unusually high number of medals
-a disease mainly contracted by homo sexual men or drug users
-contracted through blood transfusions
Sandra Day O'Connor
-1st woman majority leader
-had many jobs in Congress and the Supreme Court
the Challenger
-the space shuttle that blew up just 2 minutes after it took off
-mother/science teacher chosen to go into space but passed away in the explosion
Iran-Contra Affair
-scandal during the Reagan administration involving the use of money from secret Iranian arms sales to support the Nicaraguan Contras
-caused the most serious criticism that the Reagan administration ever faced.
Mikhail Gorbachev
-became the Soviet leader in 1985 and had a close relationship with Ronald Reagan
-proposed a program called 'glasnot'
-he also initiated perestroika, an economic policy to allow limited free enterprise.
-a program proposed by Mikhail Gorbachev that was a Russian word meaning "political openness"
-this made the US and Soviet Union slowly become closer
-an initiation made by Mikhail Gorbachev that mean "restructuring"
-an economic policy to allow limited free enterprise
-this made the US and Soviet Union slowly become closer
"evil empire"
-Reagan's nickname for the Soviet Union