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  1. Insulation
  2. Maneuver
  3. Camouflage
  4. Bounty
  1. a n. Something used as a cover or disguise.
  2. b n. Material that is used to insulate.
  3. c adj. Plentiful.
  4. d n. A planned military movement.

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  1. n. Food such as hay or grain for farm animals.
  2. n. A state of laziness, tiredness, or of not caring.
  3. v. To fall to a lower level or weaker state; to dwindle.
  4. adj. Slow moving; sleepy or tired.
  5. n. The passing to a lower level or weaker state.

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  1. Murkyadj. Dark; gloomy.


  2. Ebbv. To detach from something one has grown accustomed to.


  3. Proximityadj. Plentiful.


  4. Replenishadj. Having slender, graceful lines.


  5. Sleekadj. Smooth and glossy