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  1. Lethargy
  2. Bounty
  3. Insulation
  4. Ebb
  5. Sleek
  1. a adj. Plentiful.
  2. b v. To fall to a lower level or weaker state; to dwindle.
  3. c n. Material that is used to insulate.
  4. d adj. Having slender, graceful lines.
  5. e n. A state of laziness, tiredness, or of not caring.

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  1. n. The state of being close or next to; nearness.
  2. n. Something used as a cover or disguise.
  3. v. To trouble or annoy by attacking repeatedly.
  4. n. A payment made as a reward, especially one made by the authorities.
  5. n. That which is given freely, by nature or a generous person.

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  1. Foragev. To trouble or annoy by attacking repeatedly.


  2. Waryadj, On one's guard; watchful; suspicious.


  3. Maneuveradj. Marked with different colored patches or blotches.


  4. Maneuverv. To perform military movements with.


  5. Sleekv. To detach from something one has grown accustomed to.