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Biology chapter 9 quiz

Bio quiz chapter 9
After replication, the two new DNA molecules are each made up of
50% parent DNA.
In DNA replication, which of the following enzymes catalyzes the elongation of a new DNA strand?
DNA polymerase
If one strand of DNA is CGGTAC, the complementary strand would be
Why does a DNA strand grow only in the 5' to 3' direction?
because DNA polymerases can only add nucleotides to the 3' end of the growing molecule
Which of the following is a function of tRNA?
joining to only one specific type of amino acid
Which of the following statements regarding RNA is false?
RNA uses the sugar dextrose.
Where do transcription and translation occur in prokaryotic cells?
in the cytoplasm
DNA replication
uses each strand of a DNA molecule as a template for the creation of a new strand.
Which of the following options most accurately lists the sequence of events in translation?
codon recognition; peptide bond formation; translocation; termination
Which of the following statements regarding DNA is false?
DNA uses the nitrogenous base uracil
Put phrases 1-6 in the correct order to describe DNA replication:
(1) DNA ligase connects the Okazaki fragments;
(2) DNA polymerase works 3' to 5' along the DNA strand attaching complementary nucleotides;
(3) two identical strands of DNA are produced;
(4) DNA is "unzipped" and unwound by a helicase enzyme;
(5) Okazaki fragments are formed along the lagging strand
4, 2, 5, 1, 3
The mRNA codon, which ensures that the correct amino acid is joined to the growing chain in the ribosome, consists of ________ nucleotide(s)
Which of the following statements regarding a DNA double helix is always true?
The amount of adenine is equal to the amount of thymine, and the amount of guanine is equal to the amount of cytosine.
Which of the following enzymes catalyzes the linking together of RNA nucleotides to form mRNA?
RNA polymerase
A nucleotide sequence that is 21 base-pairs long will most likely result in a polypeptide that is
7 amino acids
If a segment of template DNA, with the sequence AGTTACGGTAAT, is transcribed, what would be the sequence of the mRNA?
Metabolites that activate gene transcription are known as
The transfer of genetic information from DNA to RNA is called
The monomers of DNA and RNA are