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A Cell That Carries Information Through The Nervous System.


The Part Of The Brain That Coordinates The Muscles And Help Maintain Balance.


What The Body Does In Reaction To Stimulus.


The Part Of The Ear That Seperates The Outer Ear From The Middle Ear And The Part Of The Ear That Vibrates


The Condition In Which A Person Can See Nearby Objects Clearly.


A Drug That Can Make People See Or Hear Things That Do Not Exist.

Anabolic Steroids

Synthetic Chemicals That Are Similar To Hormones Produced In The Body.


The Junction In Where One Neuron Can Transfer An Impulse To The Next Structure.


The Area Of The Brain Responsible For All Voluntary Activities Of The Body.


A Snail-Shaped Tube In The Inner Ear That Is Lined With Receptor Cells That Respond To Sound.


The Circular Structure That Surrounds The Pupil And Regulates The Amount Of Light Entering The Eye.


The Condition In Which A Person Can See Distant Objects Clearly.


Stimulant Is A Drug That Speeds Up The Body Process.

Semicircular Canal

Structures In The Inner Ear That Are Responsible For The Sense Of Balance.


A Threadlike Extension Of Neurons That Carries Nerve Impulses Away From The Cell Body.


A Bruise-Like Injury Of The Brain That Occurs When Soft Tissue Of The Brain Collides Against The Skull.


The Clear Tissue That Covers The Front Of The Eye.


The Layer Of The Receptor Cells At The Back Of The Eye On Which An Image Is Focused.


A Threadlike Extension Of A Neuron That Carries Nerve Impulses Towards The Cell Body.


A Bundle Of Nerve Fibers


The Flexible Structure That Focuses Light That Has Entered The Eye.


A Disease In Which A Person Is Both Physically And Emotionally Dependent On Alcohol.


The Outer Covering Of The Cell Body.


A Drug That Slows Down The Activity Of The Central Nervous System.


A Drug That Produce Mood Altering Effects When Inhaled


The Part Of The Brain That Lies Between The Cerebellum And The Spinal Cord And It Controls The Body's Involuntary Actions.


Any Change Or Signal In The Environment That Can Make An Organism React In Some Way.


The Opening Through Which Light Enters The Eye.

3 Main Parts Of The Brain

Cerebellum, Cerebrum And The Brain Stem.

How A Signal Travels Down A Nerve Cell

The Signal Goes To The Dendrites Of A Neuron. Then The Impulses Move Rapidly Towards The Neuron's Cell Body And Then Down The Axon Until It Reaches The Axon Tips.

Sensory Neuron

A Sensory Neuron Is A Neuron That Picks Up Stimuli From The Internal Or External Environment And Converts Each Stimuli Into Nerve Impulse.


A Motor Neuron Is A Neuron Thats Sends An Impulse To A Muscle Or A Gland Causing The Muscle Or Gland To React.


A Neuron That Carries Nerve Impulses From One Neuron To Another.

Parts Of A Neuron

Nucleus, Dendrites And An Axon

Parts Of The Ear

Outer Ear, Middle Ear, And The Inner Ear.

Parts Of The Eye

Pupil, Iris, Lens, Retina, Cornea, Optic Nerve, And The Blood Vessels

Stimulus And A Response

Stimulus Is The Reaction To The Environment That Can Make An Organism React In Some Way And Response Is A Reaction To Stimulus.

Reflex And Voluntary Response

A Reflex Is A Automatic Response And A Voluntary Response Is An Action That You Can Control.

The Central And The Peripheral Nervous System

The Central Nervous System Controls The Center Of The Body And The Peripheral Nervous System Consist Of Nerves That Branch Out From The Central Nervous System And It Connects To The Rest Of The Body.

How You Can Keep Your Nervous System Safe

You Can Wear A Helmet, And You Can Wear A Seat Belt.

Effects That Stimulants Have On The Body

When People Take Stimulants It Speeds Up The Body Process Which Makes The Heart Beat Faster, And It Makes Breathing Rate Increase.

Effects That Depressants Have On The Body

When People Take Depressants Their Muscles Become Very Relaxed And They May Become Sleepy Also It Takes Longer For The Body To Respond To Stimuli.

Effects That Hallucinogens Have On The Body

When People Take Hallucinogens It Can Make People See Or Hear Things That Do Not Exist.

Description Of In-Halents

In-Halents Are Drugs In That Produce Mood Altering Effects When Inhaled. Sometimes In-Halents Are Found In Nail Polish, Paint, And Some Kinds Of Cleaning Fluids.

Description Of Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic Steroids Are Synthetic Chemicals That Are Similar To Hormones Produces In The Body Anabolic Steroids Increase Muscle Size And Strength. Also It Causes Heart Damage, Liver Damage, And It Increases Blood Pressure.

How Alcoholism Effects The Body

The Alcohol Gets Absorbed By The Digestive System. If A Person Drinks Alcohol On An Empty Stomach Than The Alcohol Will Instantly Get Into The Blood Stream And It Gets To The Brain And All Of The Other Organs.

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