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Reading ch.11

Describe Bobbi's tatto. What does it symbolize?
Its was an angel/devil and it symbolized the evil that can exist inside every good person. It's and angel with a devil's tail.
How did Mibs plan on going to Salina?
She was planning to get on the bus and see where the bus driver took her. She knew that the bus was going there b/c it says "Selina" on it.
What did Will Junior do when Bobbi tried to stop them from getting on the bus?
He told her to shut up and he said leave me alone. Will told Bobbi that he would tell their parents that she got a D on a chemistry test and thatshe pretended to be her mom while ditching school.
What big surprise was on the bus with the children?
Samson was reading a magazine. He looked like a turtle underneath a cot.