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Gov't where powerful landowning lords gave protection to peasants in exchange for service

Who were the peasants needing protection from?

Huns, Norse, Magyars, Franks and Visigoths

Definition of Feudalism

A way of life based on the ownership and use of land


The plot of land someone owns, anything that's on the land


the person who gives the fief


The person who gets the fief


Tribute or honor to someone

Oath of Fealty

Oath of being faithful and loyal

Act of Investiture

What the king is doing to the vassal

Example of an Act of Investiture

Bestowing the fief, granting the land


You break your oath, they take back the land

What was a castle?

A military fort

What was on the first level of a castle?


What was on the second level of a castle?


What was on the third level of a castle?


What was war?

The normal state of affairs in the feudal society

What was chivalry?

The ultimate lifestyle of feudal society

What was the code of chivalry?

The qualities of a good warrior, virtue and reverence for women

What are the qualities of a good warrior?

Bravery, strength, skill

What was virtue?

Character traits of a good man

What was a page?

Fishing, first haircut, hunting, age 7

What was a squire?

Age 15, weapons, fighting tactics, to be at the beckon call of the knight

What was knighthood?

Age 21

What was the only way to become a knight?

To recieve a piece of property

What was a manor?

Complete communities

What was on a manor?

Castle, staff, a Church

Life on the Manor for Nobles?

Three meals a day, servants for plumbing

Life expectancy for Nobles?

42 years male, 21 years female

Why did females die young?

Childbearing, nursing

Life expectancy for Serfs?

38 years male. 21 years female

What caused BIG changes in pre-reformation europe?


Expansion of royal power lead to?

Less submission to the popes, they were less dependent of their vassals and their protection

Less dependent on vassal means?

Kings need their own standing army

Town/Crown Alliance

The kings are getting money and income from the merchants in these towns

What can form a national identity?

Language, Symbols, Religion, National History

Was England a modern nation under Alfred the Great?

Almost, no merchant class and money

Who created a law code based on Scripture and precedent?

Alfred the Great

Who created a navy?

Alfred the Great

Who defeated the Danes and confined them to the northern third of England?

Alfred the Great

Who repelled further Viking attacks with a standing and garrisoned army?

Alfred the Great

Who refurbished the city of London?

Alfred the Great

Who recorded England's history in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle?

Alfred the Great

Who defeated Herald Godwinson at the Battle of Hastings?

William of Normandy

Who re instituted Feudalism?

William of Normandy

Who became the first serfs of the Normans?


Who brought the French language to England?

William of Normandy

Who created the Domesdays Book?

William of Normandy

Who instituted common law?

Henry II

Who killed Thomas a Becket?

Henry II

What is Archbishop of Canterbury?

Highest position in the catholic church in England

Who married Elinor of Acquitane?

Henry II

Who Elinor's favorite?


Who was Henry's favorite?


Who was the lost brother?


What did John lose?

French lands, authority against nobles, and war chest

What does the Magna Carta guarantee?

Trial by jury, no taxation w/o representation, habeas corpus, punishment must fit crime, free trade

Who invited representatives to meet with the Great Council?

Simon de Montfort

What did the Great Council become known as?


Who created the Model Parliament?

Edward I "Longshanks"

Who conquered Wales in 10 years?

Edward I

Who defeated William Wallace but not Scotland?

Edward I

Where was freedom won for Scotland?

Battle of Bannockburn

Who won freedom for Scotland?

Robert the Bruce

Who was the son of Edward II and French Princess Isabel?

Edward III

Who took over after Charles IV?

Edward III

Who started the 100 Year War with France?

Edward III

100 Year War with France?

English navy wins at sea, Crecy, and Poitiers

Who had trade taxes exceed land taxes?

Edward III

Who protected John Wycliffe from the pope's wrath?

Edward III

Who created the Justice of the Peace?

Edward III

Who conquered England in 1066?


Who established Christianity in Ireland?

St. Patrick

Who were raiders from the north of England?

Picts and Scouts

Who was a Christian missionary to Britain?

Augustine of Canterbury

Who were the residents of Scandinavia?


Who were the invaders of Britain from Europe?

Angles and Saxons

Who was one of the first English kings to become Christian?


Who was the king of Wessex who fought the Vikings?


Who was the Italian who founded the monastic order in the 500s?

St. Benedict

Who were the inhabitants of Britain during the Roman occupation?


Which island did Eric the Red discover?


What was a young boy who was training for knighthood?


Who were the religious leader of the Celts?


Which providence did the Vikings settled?


Which portion of England did the Vikings control?


Which part of North America were Nordic ruins found?


What was a boy of 15 or 16 who was assigned to work with a knight to train for knighthood?


Who trained to fight on horseback?


What was a lady?

Proficient at medicine, sometimes shared in supervision of estate

Who governed the manor and castle?


What was the relationship between nobles and peasant called?


What did a fief consist of?

Peasants, land and a castle

What couldn't peasants do?

fight in tournaments

Who lived a life of poverty, famine, and disease?


What were friars?

Wandering preachers who lived simply and in poverty

What were heretics?

Denied and challenged certain church teachings

Who believed all people were sinners who could be saved by taking sacraments?


What were missionaries?

Monks who were sent to convert people to Christianity

Who is the best word to describe the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages?


What created corruption in the medieval Church?

nobles who appointed their own relatives, who had little devotion to their duties

Who was the first pope elected by church officials instead of political leaders?

Gregory VII

What describes the relationship between the Church and people in the Middle Ages?

Close links at all levels of society

Whose raids were a threat to Germany?


Who signed the Magna Carta?

King John

Who established Estates-General to approve his tax bills and policies?

Philip IV

Holy Roman Empires were more interested in _____ than Germany?


What was the massive survey by William called?

Doomsday Book

What was the council est. by William to advise him called?

Cura Regis

When could a man be paid for a particular craft?


What was Henry's II conflict with the Roman Church over?

The role of church courts in the judicial system

What power did Parliament have over the king?

Power of the purse

What issue did Philip IV fight with Pope Boniface over?

The taxation of church property

Who captured Spain from the Visigoths?

Muslim Moors

Most of Spain was part of _____ from 732 to 1031?

Caliphate of Cordova

What was one of the reasons for the Crusades?

Turkish threat to Constantinople

What was the most successful crusade?


Who granted the city charters?

the King

What became the great trade center before the Crusades?


What disease killed 1/3 of Europe's population?

the Black Death

Why did the central authority in Germany collapse?

Civil war between the German nobles and the Holy Roman Empire

What was the most important result of the Crusades?

Brought the death of feudalism

Why was Russia cut off from Europe?

An invasion and occupation of Mongols

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