Social Contract


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Two Treatises of Government
One of John Locke's most famous works (several books long), it included his ideas about the separation of powers, a social contract,
Social contract
Initially proposed by Socrates, this was an agreement between people of a society to abide by laws and accept punishment (if you live in a society, you agree to follow the rules). People agree to sacrifice some liberty in order to gain more protection.
Hobbes's state of nature
Belief that humans are inherently evil, laws are here to protect us from each other, and this is the worst state of humanity
Locke's state of nature
Humans are inherently good, laws are here to protect our inalienable rights, and this is the ideal/best state of humanity
Inalienable rights
In order to guarantee protection of these, humans form governments
Popular sovereignty
Since people create governments (social contracts), the power of a government comes from the people (not God). Therefore in order to be fair, the people need to have a say in government.