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Spanish -er verb conjugation

Practice how to conjugate -er verbs. Drop the ending -er and add the conjugated endings.
to eat
yo como
I eat
tú comes
you eat (inf)
él come
he eats
ella come
she eats
usted come
you eat (form)
nosotros comemos
we eat
ellos comen
they eat
ellas comen
they eat (fem)
ustedes comen
you all eat
yo bebo
I drink
tú bebes
you drink (inf)
él bebe
he drinks
ella bebe
she drinks
usted bebe
you drink (form)
nosotros bebemos
we drink
nosotras bebemos
we drink (fem)
ustedes beben
you all drink
ellos beben
they drink
ellas beben
they drink (fem)
to drink
to run
yo corro
I run
tú corres
you run (inf)
él corre
he runs
ella corre
she runs
usted corre
you run (form)
nosotros corremos
we run
nosotras corremos
we run (fem)
ellos corren
they run
ellas corren
they run (fem)
ustedes corren
you all run
María y yo corremos
María and I run
María y yo bebemos
María and I drink
María y yo comemos
María and I eat