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  1. Zero station should be located where
  2. position that is contraindicated later in pregnancy
  3. How are contractions counted
  4. present part in relation to chest (chin to chest)
  5. The fetus of a mother that has ________ or ________ may not tolerate contractions well and the mother will need oxygen
  1. a From the beginning of one to the beginning of the next one
  2. b flexion
  3. c at the level of the ischial spines
  4. d diabetes or hypertension
  5. e supine

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  1. baby moves through the birth canal
  2. -dilated 4-7 cm
    -contractions more intense
    -baby moves further down
  3. ...
  4. Engagement
  5. -dilated 1-3 cm
    -May not even know shes in the 1st stage if she has had children before

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  1. protects & keeps microorganisms from reaching the amniotic sacmucous plug


  2. What causes fetal anemia?110-160


  3. Transition phase-dilated 8-10cm
    -shortest, most intense and unpredictable phase
    -Labor nurse prepares for delivery, nurse shouldn't leave bedside
    -Baby is fully descended into the pelvic cavity
    -At 10cm you've completed the 1st stage


  4. The mother shouldn't eat a large meal before delivery due to _______ that could occur to the newbornrebound hypoglycemia


  5. 4th stage of pregnancy-Immediate postpartum
    -from time baby is delivered till end of first hour
    -nurse does frequent assessments for bleeding & vital signs q15 minutes.
    -nurse promotes bonding