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  1. 2nd stage of labor
  2. Duncan side is
  3. Nurse should change positions of the mother at least every _______-
  4. 4th stage of labor
  5. Active phase
  1. a immediate postpartum
  2. b -dilated 4-7 cm
    -contractions more intense
    -baby moves further down
  3. c baby moves through the birth canal
  4. d maternal side
  5. e 2 hours

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  1. 25000
  2. 110-160
  3. fetal side
  4. stay a phase ahead in preparing her for whats going to happen
  5. 30 sec

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  1. The fetus of a mother that has ________ or ________ may not tolerate contractions well and the mother will need oxygendiabetes or hypertension


  2. cardinal movement of labor is a sort of ________ effectcorkscrew (twisting of the fetus as he comes thru the birth canal


  3. How are contractions countedFrom the beginning of one to the beginning of the next one


  4. signs before delivery such as the mucous plug-dilated 1-3 cm
    -May not even know shes in the 1st stage if she has had children before


  5. placenta vascular side facesfetus