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  1. Fibrogen is ________ during pregnancy labor & delivery
  2. fetal hear rate
  3. True labor signs
  4. Nurse should change positions of the mother at least every _______-
  5. Early or latent phase
  1. a Lightning or dropping
    bloody show
    burst of energy called nesting
  2. b 2 hours
  3. c 110-160
  4. d increased
  5. e -dilated 1-3 cm
    -May not even know shes in the 1st stage if she has had children before

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  1. -Starts when dilated 10cm and last until baby is delivered
    -Referred to as the pushing stage
  2. fetus
  3. immediate postpartum
  4. -Immediate postpartum
    -from time baby is delivered till end of first hour
    -nurse does frequent assessments for bleeding & vital signs q15 minutes.
    -nurse promotes bonding
  5. rebound hypoglycemia

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  1. signs before delivery such as the mucous plugBloody show


  2. Best way to ease anxiety in the mother during laborstay a phase ahead in preparing her for whats going to happen


  3. Negative station is located wherebelow the ischial spines towards the perineum


  4. Duncan side ismaternal side


  5. White blood cells can be as high as_______ during labor25000