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US History Final Exam Part IV

True or False: George F. Kennan devised the concept of containment.
True or False: Cities like Chicago built public-housing projects that eliminated crime and grime from the lives of their inhabitants.
Joseph R. McCarthy was a...
Republican senator from Wisconsin who lead an anti-Communist crusade.
During World War II, women could do all of the following, except:
serve in active combat
True or False: Foreign policy after World War II was generally bipartisan.
The ideal for middle-class women in the 1950s was to be....
a wife and mother
In the Hiss-Chambers case...
Hiss was convicted of perjury.
True or False: The suburban boom was stimulated by favorable government mortgage policies.
To deal with labor strikes after World War II, Truman...
backed wage increases.
True or False: "White flight" described the migration to the new sunbelt.
True or False: As a result of the Little Rock crisis, the city's high schools closed rather than allow integration.
True or False: In the Korean War, the Eisenhower administration threatened to use atomic weapons.
True or False: "In God We Trust" became mandatory on American money in 1955.
The Battle of Midway demonstrated the decisive role of...
aircraft carriers
True or False: Douglas MacArthur believed fighting Red China would involve the United States "in the wrong war at the wrong place at the wrong time and with the wrong enemy."
True or False: Challenges to the Plessy decision's separate-but-equal doctrine were led by the NAACP.
The religious revival of the 1950s was spurred by...
All of these
True or False: Most blacks who migrated to the North lived in the suburbs.
A key element in the postwar consumer revolution was the...
All of these
Rock and roll grew directly out of...
rhythm and blues
Higher education became much more widespread due to...
the GI Bill.
True or False: "Dynamic conservatism" meant being conservative about money but liberal about people.
U.S. officials were slow to aid Jewish refugees because...
All of these
Norman Vincent Peale was a leading exponent of...
positive thinking.
True or False: Expenditures by the federal government during World War II exceeded the total of all previous federal spending.
Postwar disagreements between the United States and the Soviet Union especially concerned...
governments in Eastern Europe.
Perhaps the crucial military maneuver in the Korean conflict involved...
an amphibious landing at Inch´on.
The Taft-Hartley Act...
banned the closed shop but permitted the union shop.
In response to Truman's Fair Deal proposals, the Democratic Congress
enlarged many New Deal programs.
During the postwar prosperity...
the gap between the average incomes for blacks and whites increased.
The States' Rights Democratic party in 1948 stood for...
racial segregation.
The "Sputnik syndrome" led to...
All of these
True or False: The GI Bill helped eliminate differences in the opportunities for blacks and whites in higher education.
Wartime rationing included....
sugar, coffee, and gasoline.
Eisenhower said that the "biggest damnfool mistake I ever made" was...
appointing Earl Warren chief justice of the Supreme Court.
"Massive Resistance" is the term used for...
white resistance to court-ordered integration of the schools.
After Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba, Eisenhower...
suspended diplomatic relations with Cuba.
True or False: World War II caused the deaths of 50 million people worldwide.
True or False: In 1948, Truman banned racial discrimination in federal employment.
True or False: Germany took priority in the fighting because
All of these
True or False: African American pilots were trained in a segregated facility at Tuskegee in Alabama.
In the postwar era, big business grew because...
wartime government contracts had favored big business concentration.
True or False: After the Montgomery bus boycott, Martin Luther King Jr. started the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.
After World War II, a significant migration occurred from...
cities to suburbs
True or False: African Americans were used as code breakers in the military.
During World War II, the fastest rate of urban growth occurred in the...
Examples of conformity in the 1950s included...
All of these
True or False: Native Americans were segregated in the military.
The Civil Rights Act of 1957...
had the support of President Eisenhower.
True or False: Jack Kerouac, one of the Beats, wrote On the Road.
White-collar workers...
outnumbered blue-collar workers by 1960.
True or False: During World War II, Congress readily renewed and extended such New Deal programs as the National Youth Administration.
True or False: The government paid for three fourths of the war's cost through taxes.
The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. based his philosophy of nonviolent disobedience on...
All of these
Truman's program for the economic recovery of Europe was called...
the Marshall Plan
The election of 1952 was a turning point in politics because...
Eisenhower won several southern states.
From April 1948 to May 1949...
the Soviets blockaded Berlin.
In developing a defense policy, Eisenhower worried most about...
the budgetary effects of military spending.
Two monuments to the Eisenhower presidency were...
interstate highways and the St. Lawrence Seaway.
One likely cause of juvenile delinquency during the 1950s was the...
greater mobility provided by cars.