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D'amico ch 18 peripheral Vascular quiz (Ken's)

Here are all the bold terms I found in the chapter, along with the extras, and the ones from the childhood section on ch 25
Arteries (systemic)
Cary high pressure oxygen rich blood from the heart to the body's tissues 476
High pressure wave in the arteries from the heart pumping 476
Veins (Systemic)
Cary deoxygenated low pressure blood from the body periphery back to the right or pulmonary side of the heart 477
Smallest vessels of the circulatory system, arterial pressure forces fluid into body tissues. Cellular respiration occurs here. 477
Lymphatic vessels
Circulatory system that caries Lymph back to the heart 477
Fluid that leaks out of capillaries into tissues. 477
Lymph Nodes
Clumps of tissue along lymphatic vessels. They filter lymph, remove pathogens, and contain lymphocytes 477
Epitrochlear node
Lymph node on the medial surface above the elbow of the arm: Drains lymph from the ulnar surface of the forearm and the third forth and fifth digits. 478
Allen's test
Test to determine the patency of the ulnar and radial artery. While compressing one of either artery, the patient makes a tight fist to close off the superficial arteries. When the patient opens their hand, normal color should return. See fig 18.11 pg 490,
Manual compression test
Test to determine the length of varicose veins and the competency of their valves. See 492
Swishing sound due to turbulence from an obstruction in an artery, often due to cholesterol. 488
Accumulation of fluid in the tissues. 489
Distended veins, often in the legs 492
Homan's sign
A test for blood clots in the deep veins of the leg or inflammation. While supine, the knee slightly bent, the foot is sharply dorsiflexed. Calf pain is a positive sign. 494
Arterial insufficiency
Inadequate circulation in the arterial system, often due to the build up of fatty plaque. Cool shiny skin, absence of hair on toes, pallor on elevation. 501
Arterial aneurysm
A bulge in the arterial wall due to weakness. 501
Raynaud's Disease
Condition: the arterioles in the fingers spasm, causing intermittent skin pallor or cyanosis and then Rubor (red color) 503
Rounding of the fingernails, place nail to nail, greater than 160 deg nail angle. Rounded finger tip. Due to chronic, long term hypoxia. 488
Peripheral vascular system
The blood vessels of the body 476
Venous insufficency
An aching or feeling of fullness from a lack of blood return from the legs. Relieved by walking, elevating legs. 483
A narrowing of a vessel causing decreased blood flow. Often of the aorta. 468
Unilateral swelling associated with an obstruction in lymph nodes 504