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Which of the following best describes the role of the solicitor general?

The lawyer who represents the United States before the Supreme Court in cases where the federal government is a party

Activist judges believe that the courts should?

Go beyond the words of a constitution or a statute to consider the broader societal implications of its decisions

What is the main function of the chief justice of the Supreme Court?

The chief justice presides over the Court's public sessions and private conferences

The size of the U.S. Supreme Court is set by?


Prior cases whose principles are used by judges to decide current cases are called?


Why has partisan conflict surrounded federal judicial appointments in recent years?

The federal courts play an important role in shaping American law and politics

What is the significance of dissenting opinions?

Dissents are signs that the Court is in disagreement on an issue and could change its ruling

Dissents are signs that the Court is in disagreement on an issue and could change its ruling

judicial review

The area of authority possessed by a court, in terms of either subject area or geography, is called its?


The jurisdiction of each federal court is derived from?

The Constitution and federal law

The right of due process is best described as the right of?

Every person not to be treated arbitrarily by a government official or agency

Approximately what percentage of all court cases in the United States are heard in federal courts?

1 percent

Trial courts in the federal judicial system are called?

District courts

A writ of habeas corpus declares that?

the government must show a legal cause for holding someone in detention

Each year, the Supreme Court receives about ___appeals and hears about ____of them in full court?

10,000; 80

Which of the following statements about Social Security is false?

Social Security redistributes wealth from younger workers to older retirees

When did the American welfare state begin?

The 1930s

The power to raise or lower the tax rate is part of?

Fiscal policy

The idea that all people should have the freedom to use whatever talents and wealth they have to achieve their goals is called?

Equality of opportunity

____are government grants of cash or other valuable commodities, such as land, used to promote activities desired by the government?


When the government's goals are embodied in a law or an order, backed by punishments or rewards, it is best described as?

Public policy

Which of the following groups receives the most benefits from government's social policies?

The middle class

When potential recipients of a benefit must establish their genuine need, the government program is called?

Means tested

The central thrust of federal housing policy has been to?

Promote homeownership

Since the mid-1990s, by how much has the number of welfare recipients declined in the United States?

Over 50 perfect

The representation of a government to other foreign governments is called?


The most noteworthy example of the policy of deterrence was?

The arms race

An agreement between the president and another country that has the force of a treaty but lacks congressional approval is called?

An executive agreement

Which official is not a major actor in American foreign policy?

Secretary of Veterans Affairs

The most important task of the Senate in foreign policy is?

Reviewing and approving treaties

Why has Congress become a major foreign policy maker since World War II?

Congress is regularly called upon to approve financing of foreign policies

The North American Free Trade Agreement is?

A trade treaty between Mexico, Canada, and the United States designed to lower and eliminate tariffs

Which of the following goals has traditionally been of lowest priority in U.S. foreign policy?

Human rights

The nineteenth-century policy of ___was based on the geographic distance of the United States from other countries?


What eighteenth-century politician warned Americans against too much involvement with foreign nations?

George Washington

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