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  1. In the performing stage of group development, members
    A. prepare for disbandment.
    B. develop close relationships.
    C. concentrate on solving problems.
    D. test the leader's policies.
    E. hold back to see what will happen.
  2. The conflict-handling style in which a person allows the desires of another to prevail is known as
    A. forcing.
    B. accommodating.
    C. avoiding.
    D. collaborating.
    E. compromising.
  3. Kazimir has missed another deadline and his boss Carla is furious. She will have to explain to the client again why the project is behind. Carla thinks she may say something she'll regret if she talks to Kazimir about this now, so she decides to wait awhile. Carla is using the ______ conflict-handling style.
    A. avoiding
    B. collaborating
    C. compromising
    D. forcing
    E. accommodating
  4. At Berk Architects, a group of designers are developing the first drawings for a proposed multi-use development in a revitalizing section of a large city. What type of work team is this group?
    A. Project team
    B. Production team
    C. Product team
    D. Action team
    E. Advice team
  5. Which of the following is the best way to manage virtual teams?
    A. Focus on what is accomplished, not hours or locations.
    B. When beginning with a virtual team, set the final deadline and reprimand any virtual team members who don't make the deadline.
    C. Because you don't have face-to-face contact, relay instructions via phone.
    D. Require each team member to keep their own personal record of the work that's been done as a team.
    E. Utilize employees on a global team around the clock.
  1. a C. concentrate on solving problems.
  2. b B. accommodating.
  3. c A. Project team
  4. d A. avoiding
  5. e A. Focus on what is accomplished, not hours or locations.

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  1. B. Programmed conflict
  2. E. Group cohesiveness
  3. A. "Why are we here?"
  4. B. allow people to socialize.
  5. E. The dialectic method

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  1. Building collaborative teams is aided by combining role clarity with
    A. task ambiguity.
    B. groupthink.
    C. flexible performance standards.
    D. challenges to norms.
    E. devil's advocacy.
    B. A type of advice team


  2. The disadvantage of the ______ conflict-handling style is that it is very time consuming.
    A. avoiding
    B. collaborating
    C. compromising
    D. forcing
    E. accommodating
    E. storming


  3. Peer pressure which leads group members to question the loyalty of other members who express dissent is a symptom of
    A. social loafing.
    B. norming.
    C. devil's advocacy.
    D. groupthink.
    E. storming.
    D. groupthink.


  4. In managing virtual workers, a manager should
    A. give directions only by phone or in person.
    B. make sure the worker is keeping to a fixed schedule of hours.
    C. let employees work using their own expectations of how to do their jobs.
    D. meet regularly, face to face.
    E. initiate change quickly.
    D. allow members to hire their own co-workers.


  5. ______ strives to devise solutions that benefit both parties.
    A. Avoiding
    B. Collaborating
    C. Compromising
    D. Forcing
    E. Accommodating
    A. dysfunctional