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3 Spanish colonies that starts with the letter P

Puerto Rico, Philippines, and Peru

Grant giving to Spanish landowners that allow them to own the land and the Native Americans living on it in the colonies ............


Type of colony associated with French colonies in North America

Trading post colonies

Exploration and colonization allow Spain to become the riches country in the world according to what economical system


Colonies of the East Coast of North America; believed in self-government; setup a representative government; created a charter and was the first colony to defeat their mother country

13 Colonies

Explorer that conquered the Aztecs for Spain and stole the empire's gold making Spain the riches country in the world


Explorer that conquered the Inca Empire and stole the gold for Spain


Key characteristics of which economical system: Gain more colonies, increase tariffs, export more than you import


Country colonized only one country in North America because its military was trying to protect its colonies and economical interest in Asia (spice trade)....................


Why did the world maps of the 1500's only contain Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa

Other places were not discovered yet

Inspired Exploration (SIM)

Scientific Revolution, Inventions, and Mercantilism

1st sailor to find the all-water route to Asia

Vasco da Gama

1st sailor to find the Southern tip of Africa which led others to round the tip of Africa to find a water route to Asia


School of Navigation (creator and country)

Prince Henry/Portugal

Explorer that laid claim for France in Canada

Robert Da La Salle

Explorer that laid claim for Spain in Florida

Ponce Leon

Colonized Brazil; cash crop was coffee


1st to challenge the authority of the church about the universal theory this led others to question whether the church theories were true about everything else


Alchemy (2)

Superstition and magic

Earth is the center of the universe (author & theory name

Ptolemy and Geocentric

Speaking against the teaching of the church


Sun centered universe (author & theory name)

Heliocentric and Copernicus

Improve the telescope and later found evidence to support Heliocentric


Newton's contribution (2)

Discovered white light is made up of many colors; Laws of gravity; Laws of motion; or Calculus

Hooke's contribution

Discovered Cells

Ptolemy' s universal theory


Native American empire in Peru that lost their riches to a Spanish explorer due to the Spanish superior weapons

Inca Empire

A sudden change


The authority of all knowledge during the 1500's

The Church

Contribution of Bacon

Scientific Method

Pope Alexander drew an imaginary line running down the middle of South America to divide the land between Spain and Portugal

Line of demarcation

Spanish explorer; Traveled around the globe; 1st to complete the mission


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