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myeloid lineage
anucleate, biconcave
large SA/volume ratio for easy gas exchange
90% glycolysis, 10% HMP shunt
chloride-bicarb antiporter in cell membrane
life span: 120 days


myeloid lineage: megakaryocyte
small, cytoplasmic fragment
forms aggregates during primary hemostasis
dense granules: ADP, Ca
alpha granules: vWF, fibrinogen
33% stored in spleen
life span: 8-10 days


granulocyte, myeloid lineage
comprises 40-75% of WBCs
multilobed nucleus
large, spherical azurophilic granules with hydrolytic enzymes, lysozyme, myeloperoxidase, & lactoferrin


mononuclear cell, myeloid lineage
2-10% of WBCs
large, kidney-shaped nucleus
extensive frosted-glass cytopalsm


mononuclear cell, myeloid lineage
derived from monocytes in tissues
activated by interferon-gamma from TH1 cells
can function as APC with MHC Class II
long life in tissues


granulocyte, myeloid lineage
1-6% of all WBCs
bilobate nucleus
large red granules
defense against helminths, phagocytosis of antigen-antibody complexes
produces histaminase & arylsulfatase


granulocytes, myeloid lineage
<1% of WBCs
bilobate nucleus
dense blue granules with heparin, histamine, & leukotrienes
mediates allergic reactions
found in blood

Mast cell

blue granules with histamine, heparin, & eosinophilic chemotactic factors
mediates allergic reaction
found in tissue

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