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Diabetes Incipidus

Abnormal increase in urine output most commonly caused by inadequate secretion of pituitary ADH. Must Drink constantly to maintain water level.

Addison's Disease

Causes Polyuria (a lot of urin output), when you lose more salt than you should, must ingest salt and H2O, people who have this are constantly on the verge of dehydration.

Polycistic Kidney Disease

Disease in which multiple fluid filled sacs within or on the kidney (cysts), can enlarge to size of football, a kidney transplant will be needed, a hereditary disorder.

70, 1/2

By age ____ filtrate level within nephron has decreased by ____.


Hardening of artery, will affect filtrate levels.


_________ will become less efficient with age.


_________ will also be affected by age.


"I need to go NOW!"

Frequency Nocturia

Up and down all night to urinate.

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