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An example of malicious human activity could include an employee who, in the course of backing up a database, inadvertently installs an old database on top of the current one.
A. True
B. False

B. False

Drive-by spoofers take computers with wireless connections through an area and search for unprotected wireless networks.
A. True
B. False

B. False

The IT department should set the security policy for an organization.
A. True
B. False

B. False

HIPAA sets limits on who can receive your health information.
A. True
B. False

A. True

Encryption is an example of a technical safeguard.
A. True
B. False

A. True

The ________ pretends to be a legitimate company and sends an email requesting confidential data, such as account numbers, Social Security numbers, account passwords, and so forth.
A. hawker
B. phisher
C. spoofer
D. sniffer

B. phisher

Which of the following usually happens in a malicious denial-of-service attack?
A. A hacker monitors and intercepts wireless traffic at will.
B. A hacker floods a Web server with millions of bogus service requests.
C. A hacker uses unauthorized programs to invade a computer system and replace legitimate programs.
D. A phisher pretends to be a legitimate company and sends an email requesting confidential data.

B. A hacker floods a Web server with millions of bogus service requests.

Which of the following is a critical security function of senior-management involvement?
A. safeguarding computer hardware and software
B. planning response to security incidents
C. establishing the security policy
D. managing the security program on a real-time basis

C. establishing the security policy

Which of the following is an example of a technical safeguard?
A. backup and recovery
B. encryption
C. procedure design
D. compliance

B. encryption

A security policy covering personal use of computers at work would be an example of a ________.
A. data policy
B. issue-specific policy
C. system-specific policy
D. personnel policy

B. issue-specific policy

Which of the following is used for biometric authentication?
A. smart cards
B. facial features
C. passwords
D. chromosome data

B. facial features

________ encryption uses the same key for both parties.
A. Symmetric
B. Asymmetric

A. Symmetric

You are doing an online fund transfer through the Web site of a reputed bank. Which of the following displayed in your browser's address bar will let you know that the bank is using the SSL protocol?
A. http://
B. www3
C. https://
D. .com

C. https://

Managing outsourcing relationships is one of the major functions of the information systems (IS) department.
A. True
B. False

A. True

The system analyst works with users to determine system requirements.
A. True
B. False

A. True

An organization should implement all good ideas that are in alignment with its strategy.
A. True
B. False

B. False

Legacy systems usually require special maintenance teams and activities to keep them running.
A. True
B. False

A. True

________ is another more common title given to the VP of information services.


The ________ group includes system and network administrators.
A. technology
B. operations
C. development
D. outsourcing relations

B. operations

If you are a senior manager in finance, it is possible that you may be asked to be a member of the ________ in order to help evaluate and prioritize new IS projects from a finance perspective.
A. steering committee
B. outsourcing relations group
C. project management group
D. enterprise application group

A. steering committee

Because the IS department essentially functions as a ________ organization, it must have a system to record user problems and monitor their resolution.
A. for profit
B. service
C. product
D. volunteer

B. service

A file which contains data definitions is called a ________.
A. data standard
B. data dictionary
C. data plan
D. data policy

B. data dictionary

Which of the following statements is true regarding outsourcing?
A. There is no guarantee that outsourcing will provide a certain level of quality.
B. Outsourcing leads to greater budgetary instability.
C. Outsourcing saves direct management time but increases indirect management time.
D. Outsourcing involves significant implementation risk.

A. There is no guarantee that outsourcing will provide a certain level of quality.

A major concern with outsourcing is that the company may lose ________ by being forced to reveal proprietary trade secrets.
A. market position
B. employees
C. market value
D. intellectual capital

D. intellectual capital

________ is the process whereby multiple operating systems share the same computer hardware, usually a server.
A. Virtualization
B. Green computing
C. System outsourcing
D. Application outsourcing

A. Virtualization

Information systems are never off-the-shelf.
A. True
B. False

A. True

The single most important criterion for information systems success is for users and the business to take ownership of their systems.
A. True
B. False

A. True

According to Brooks' Law, adding more people to a system development project will ________.
A. lower the total project cost
B. speed up the project
C. delay the project's completion
D. require less coordination

C. delay the project's completion

During requirements definition of a project, the team will be heavy with systems analysts.
A. True
B. False

A. True

Identify the most important phase in the systems development process.
A. determining requirements
B. component design
C. implementation
D. system maintenance

A. determining requirements

A ________ installation is the riskiest because the old system is turned off and the new system is turned on.
A. pilot
B. phased
C. parallel
D. plunge

D. plunge

Software vendors often bundle large bunches of fixes for low-priority problems into groups called ________.
A. technical fixes
B. patches
C. service packs
D. enterprise packs

C. service packs

In order to address the problems facing development forecasting, development methodologies other than the SDLC have emerged for developing systems through a series of small, manageable chunks. Which of the following is not one of them?
A. rapid application development
B. integrated development
C. extreme programming
D. object-oriented development

B. integrated development

Project decisions are based on the starting plan called ________ that stipulates the tasks to be accomplished, the labor and other resources assigned to those tasks, and the schedule for completion.
A. template
B. estimate
C. baseline
D. pre-report

C. baseline

Project teams create a(n) ________, which is a hierarchy of the tasks required to complete a project, to reduce the confusion of complex interrelated tasks.
A. enterprise task sheet
B. work-breakdown structure
C. Gantt chart
D. scope statement

B. work-breakdown structure

The ________ is the sequence of activities that determines the earliest date by which the project can be completed.
A. work-breakdown structure
B. Gantt chart
C. critical path
D. baseline WBS

C. critical path

Reporting tools are programs that read data from a variety of sources, process that data, format it into structured reports, and deliver those reports to the users who need them.
A. True
B. False

A. True

Which of the following is the most accurate description of business intelligence?
A. information used to organize routine business operations
B. information relating to key business processes
C. information containing patterns, relationships, and trends
D. information concerning key competitors in the industry

C. information containing patterns, relationships, and trends

Which of the following is an example of question that data-mining will help address?
A. Will a given customer default on a loan?
B. What has happened in the last two years?
C. What is the current situation?
D. How does the current situation compare to the situation one year ago?

A. Will a given customer default on a loan?

An RFM score of ________ probably means that this customer has taken their business elsewhere and is probably not worth spending too many marketing resources on.
A. 121
B. 231
C. 555
D. 111

C. 555

Focused differentiation occurs when ____

industry segmented relying on quality of products over another

Which of the following is a support activity in the value chain?

procurement, HR, Infrastructure, technology

Organizations can lock in suppliers by making it difficult to switch to another organization or by

Making it easy to connect or work with suppliers

MIS is best defined as

development and use of information systems that help a business achieve their goals and objectives

Which of the following accurately describes the five-component framework of information systems?

Model of components: hardware, software, data, procedures, people

Which of the following is true about the quality of information?

It's accurate, timely, just sufficient, and worth its cost

The operating system employs ___ so that users can run multiple applications and files at the same time

Memory Swap

A network of computers that appears to operate as an integrated whole is known as a ____


A client-server application that requires nothing more than a browser is called a ____

thin client

A ___ is a column or group of columns that identifies a unique row in a table.


Metadata are ___

data that describes data

A ___ is a computing device that prevents unauthorized network access


Information silos arise as a consequence of an organization's ___

Growth and increasing use of information systems

Information silos are not a problem until they ___

Begin to share data about the same entities/duplicate data

E-commerce leads to ___, which is the elimination of middle layers of distributors and suppliers


Which one of the following characteristics is true for companies such as Google,, and eBay that exemplify Web 2.0?

They don't sell software licenses. They use SAAS software as a service.
- even faster
- advertising revenue models
- flexibility
- rise of user generated content

Which of the following is an example of a question that data-mining will help address?

Make predictions like... will a customer default on a loan? Will an employee respond positively to a promotion?

Which of the following statements is true about operational data?

- is designed to support fast transaction processing and might need to be reformatted to be useful for BI application
- most operational and purchased data have problems that inhibit their usefulness for business intelligence

A business process that crosses into multiple companies is known as a(n) ____ business process


In cross-functional business process management, ____

- business processes crosses into multiple departments within a single company
- Ex. CRM, ERP
- BPM authority shared across several departments. Problem resolution via committee and policy

In a BPMN process diagram, a ___ represents the start of a process

open circle with thinner outline

In BPMN notation, ___ represent decisions and usually contain a question that can be answered with yes or no.


In a BPMN process diagram, dotted arrows depict the flow of

messages and data flows

In BPMN diagrams, a square with a plus sign means that

activity is considered to be independent of this process and that it is defined in greater detail in another diagram

Which of the following is NOT a way for process designers to increase the performance of a business process?

Three ways they CAN
1) add more resources to roles of a given process without changing its structure (add people, equipment or systems -- ADDS COST)
2) Change the structure of a process without resource allocation change
3) Change both the structure and adding resources

Which of the following is true for the relationship between business processes and information systems?

- IS elements are embedded within the BP but there are activities in the BP that are not part of the IS
- BP uses two separate IS, and can utilize 0, 1, or more IS
- A particular IS may be bused by one or more BP

What are the four dimensions of feasibility?

1) cost
2) schedule
3) technical
4) organizational

An element of ___ feasibility concerns whether the new system fits within legal requirements.


During the requirements definition stage of developing an information system, the project team will include mostly ___

Business and system analysis

The ___ stage of the information systems development process involves identifying what is to be procured, how frequently and how fast it is to be produced

Determining requirements

In a business process, a role is _____

a collection of procedures

In business process management, teams build a(n) ___ model that documents the current situation and then make adjustments necessary to solve the problems

as-is model

A functional business process ____

Resides with a single business function, authority belongs to a single manager Ex. accounts payable

Which of the following is true of business processes in nonprofit and governmental organizations?

- Have all three types of processes: functional, cross-functional, interorganizational
- Most processes are service-oriented, rather than revenue-oriented

The first step in the system definition phase of systems development is to ___

Define the goals and scope of the new IS

___ feasibility refers to whether existing information technology is able to meet the needs of the new system


Does the company have management policy that prohibits releasing customer data? Such a question is critical to understanding ___ feasibility.


Tasks in the ___ phase of the system development process are to build, test, and convert the users to the new system


With ___ installation, the organization implements the entire system/business process on a limited portion of the business


Fixing the system so that it works correctly or adapting it to changes in requirements occurs in the __ phase of the information system development process


According to Brooks' Law, adding more people to a system development project will ___

make the project later

A ___ shows the tasks, start and finish dates, and dependencies for the tasks of a project.

Gant Chart (or possibly WBS)

___ is the process by which project managers compress the schedule by moving resources, typically people, from noncritical path tasks onto critical path tasks

Critical Path Analysis

The situation that occurs when adding more resources creates inefficiencies is known as ___

diseconomies of scale

The term ___ refers to a set of management policies, practices, and tools that developers use to maintain control over the project's resources

Configuration control

Which of the following is not a process modeling deliverable?

An entity relationship diagram

Data contained on a customer order form would be represented on a data-flow diagram as a:

data flow

Data in motion, moving from one place in a system to another, best describes a:

data flow

Data at rest, which may take the form of many different physical representations, best describes a:

data store

The calculation of an employee's salary would be represented on a data-flow diagram as a(n):


A supplier of auto parts to your company would be represented on a data-flow diagram as a:


The origin and/or destination of data, sometimes referred to as external entities defines:


An arrow on a data-flow diagram represents a(n):

data flow

A square on a data-flow diagram represents a:


On a data-flow diagram, a rectangle with rounded corners represents a(n):


On a data-flow diagram, a rectangle with the right vertical line missing represents a:

data store

Which of the following is most likely a source/sink for a manufacturing system?

know examples of a source/sink

Which of the following is true regarding the context diagram?

know that the process symbol is labeled 0 and has only one process

If two processes are connected by a data flow, they are said to:

be coupled to each other

By placing a data store between two processes, this:

decouples the processes

A miracle process is one that:

has only outputs

A black hole is a process that:

has only inputs

On a data-flow diagram, you may:

repeat both data stores and sources/sinks

The act of going from a single system to several component processes refers to:


The conservation of inputs and outputs to a data-flow diagram process when that process is decomposed to a lower level defines:


Which of the following is a true statement?

An information system design based on a data orientation, rather than a process or logic orientation, should have a longer useful life

Conceptual data modeling is typically done in parallel with other requirements analysis and structuring steps during:

systems analysis

Process, logic, and data-model descriptions of a system must be consistent and complete since:

they each describe different but complementary views of the same information system

The most common format used for data modeling is:

entity-relationship diagramming

During systems analysis:

a conceptual data model (E-R with attributes) is prepared

During systems planning and selection:

an enterprise-wide data model is prepared

During systems design:

a logical model (relational) is prepared

During systems implementation and operation:

database and file definitions are prepared

The primary deliverable from the conceptual data-modeling step within the analysis phase is:

an entity-relationship diagram

The data modeling perspective that derives the business rules for a data model from an intimate understanding of the nature of the business, rather than from any specific information requirements in screens, reports, or business forms, is referred to as the:

top-down approach

Gathering the information you need for data modeling by reviewing specific business documents handled within the system describes the:

bottom-up approach

Reviewing computer screens, reports, and business forms for the purpose of gaining an understanding of data is indicative of the:

bottom-up approach

Asking system users and business managers "How many instances of each object might exist?" would help determine:

the data entities and their descriptions

A detailed, logical, and graphical representation of the entities, associations, and data elements for an organization or business area best describes a(n):

entity-relationship diagram or E-R diagram

A person, place, object, event, or concept in the user environment about which the organization wishes to maintain data refers to a(n):


A collection of entities that share common properties or characteristics best defines:

entity type

A single occurrence of an entity type defines:

entity instance

A named property or characteristic of an entity that is of interest to the organization defines:


An attribute (or combination of attributes) that uniquely identifies each instance of an entity type defines:

candidate key

When selecting an identifier, one should:

choose a candidate key that will not change its value over the life of each instance of the entity type

Human interface design is performed during:

systems design

Which of the following is the standard method of gathering and displaying information on the Internet?

Form interaction

Which of the following best describes a business document that contains only predefined data?


Form and report design:

generally follows a prototyping approach

When designing a form or report, which of the following is a fundamental question?

know what are the fundamental questions

The major deliverables associated with the human interface design stage are:

design specifications

Designing usable forms and reports requires:

active interaction with end users

Which of the following is a guideline for designing forms and reports?

know the guidelines for designing forms and reports

Making sure that all data and entry fields are clearly labeled corresponds to the following form and report guideline:

balance the layout

Commonly used methods for highlighting include:

know commonly used methods for highlighting

Commonly used methods for highlighting include each of the following except:


Which of the following is a guideline for displaying text?

know the guidelines for displaying text

Which of the following focuses on how information is provided to and captured from users?

Interface and dialogue design

When designing interfaces and dialogues, you follow a:

prototyping approach

The way a user can move from one display to another best describes:

dialogue sequence

When designing the navigation procedures within your system, the primary concerns are:

flexibility and consistency

Movement to another screen corresponds to the functional requirement of:

exit capabilities

"Please wait while I open the file" is an example of:

status information

Using lists to break information into manageable pieces conforms to the SOS guideline of:


The ability to provide field-level help is often referred to as:

context-sensitive help

Which of the following is not associated with logical and physical database design?

The preparation of a final conceptual model and the implementation of the database

The most common style for a logical database model is the:

relational database model

During logical database design, the work of all systems development team members is coordinated and shared through:

the project dictionary

Combining all normalized user views into one consolidated logical database model refers to:

view integration

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