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1. Philosophy & Philosophers
1st Greek philosopher-
Searched for explanation that the world rested on water & the occurrence of earthquakes


1. Philosophy & Philosophers
Questions for everything
Questions criticized government & was put to death


1. Philosophy & Philosophers
student of Socrates
Wrote two books
• Republic (book on the best way to govern)
• The Apology (book as a response to Socrates)


1. Philosophy & Philosophers
Student of Plato/ teacher of Alexander the Great
• 1st to promote Scientific Method of observation then theory


2. Medicine
• Father of Medicine- looked for natural causes
• Hippocratic oath- Requires doctors to act ethically & morally


3. Science
Solar eclipse explanation


3. Science
astronomer- earth revolved around the sun


3. Science
• Law of physics
• Body weight in H2O

Direct Democracy

4. Democracy
Everyone citizen (only men) votes. It was like this in Ancient Greece

Representative Democracy

Vote on Representative to vote on issue


originally songs/ dances in marketplaces (agoras) then open air theaters. By 5th century BC two types of play...
a. Tragedy- serious, tragic end
b. Comedy- light-hearted/ joke, humor


a. Greek Myths- about gods & heroes
b. Epic poems- celebrating heroic deeds—Iliad & Odyssey (Homer)
c. Lyric poems- concerned with feelings


7. History
wrote about the Persian Wars
• Father of History
• 1st to gather facts and write them down
• Word history comes from his name


7. History
wrote about the Peloponnesian War
Tried to understand events based on actions--- like a reporter


a. Parthenon- Temple to Athena- Parts still stand
b. Agoras—open air theatre
c. Columns (p.490)
• Doric- Simple
• Ionic- Swirls
• Corinthian- Leaves


Sports to honor gods!
a. Every 4 years- Athletic competition
1. Only Greek men in Olympia
2. Prize was originally olive wreath
3. Started with just a foot race
4. Pentathlon-revealed best all-around athlete


Women had own Olympics in non-Olympic years


ours is similar today; adapted from the Phoenician alphabet between 1100-700BC


Geometry Theorem


the father of geometry


counting tool


a. Sculptures-human, lifelike
b. Paintings

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