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Chemistry Ionic Bonding

What is ionic bonding?
Atoms lose or gain electrons to form charged particles called ions which are then strongly attracted to each other
Which types of elements does ionic bonding occur between?
A metal and a non-metal.
What happens to metals when they react?
They lose electrons
What happens to non-metals when they react?
They gain electrons
What kind of structure do ionic compounds have?
They have giant ionic lattices which are very closely packed.
What kind of properties do ionic compounds tend to have?
High melting and boiling points, soluble in water, when melted and dissolved they carry electric current.
Why do ions have high melting and boiling points?
It takes a large amount of energy to overcome the attraction between ions.
Where is the charge shown in dot and cross diagrams?
Outside brackets, in the top right.
Where is the charge shown in equations?
To the top right of the symbol.