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Eras in Geological Time

Chp 8 section 2

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The Cenozoic Era
is the era that follows the Mesozoic Era; it means "recent life
The Paleozoic Era
is the Era following the Precambrian time; it means "ancient life".
Precambrian time
The formation of earth to 543 million years ago is known as
The Mesozoic era
is called the Age of the Reptiles.
During the Precambrian time, there were organisms that did not
need oxygen
used sunlight to make food.
Most life existed on earth in --------------------------until the ozone layer formed and reduced radiation fromreaching the earths surface
the oceans and underground
Some of the first animals to live on land were
crawling insects
The largest mass extinction was near the end of the
Paleozoic era
Cenozoic era
Mammals were dominate in the