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  1. Vi que las carteras estaban en oferta, así que compré dos.
  2. ¿Encontraste lo que buscabas?
  3. la etiqueta
  4. No iba a comprar ... pero me dieron un descuento.
  5. de lana
  1. a the price tag
  2. b I saw that wallets were on sale, so I bought two.
  3. c wool
  4. d I wasn't going to buy ... but they gave me a discount.
  5. e Did you find what you were looking for?

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  1. boots
  2. bathing suit
  3. to charge
  4. mid-length skirt
  5. to try on

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  1. la camisetaT-shirt


  2. estar a la (última) modato be on sale


  3. de algodónwool


  4. la chaquetathe price tag


  5. la cajacash register


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