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Instrument used to look into the ear


Instrument used to look into the eye

Other words for respiration

Inspiration/Espiration, inhalation/exhalation, taking in air

Diastole, Diastolic

Relaxation phase of the heart, last sound heard in BP


Contraction phase of the heart, first sound heard

Subjective information

If a pt. c/o N&V, where is this charted?

3 signs of child abuse

bruises, broken bones, lacerations, poor hygiene, head injuries, malnutrition, negelected well baby visits, burns

3 signs of elder abuse

Anxiety, hostile, confused, bruises, welts, neglect

3 factors that increase body temperature

bacterial infection, physical activity, food intake, exposure to heat, stress, emotions, ache, pregnancy

3 factors in decreasing body temperature

viral infection, fasting, decreased activity, depression, age, exposure to cold

Orthostatic hypotesion

Suddenly low blood pressure when standing

VIS sheet has 3 purposes

Education on the vaccine, benefits & risks of vaccine, and its a federal law

2 pieces of medical equipment to assist in gait

walker & gait belt

4 components of pt. medical history

Chief complaint, allergies, family history, social history, past medical history, medications

What does the diaphragm do?

contracts & relaxes


respirations less than normal

Snellen chart

Stand 20' away from chart

In orthostats, what information is important to record


When taking temperature in the ear, it is call aural & ______?



To listen to sounds in the body with a stethoscope


To elicit sounds from the body by tapping

Korotkoff sounds

Sounds made when taking BP


increased respiration rate & depth

3 words for increased body temp

Febrile, pyrexia, fever

E in SOAPER charting means?



Pulse taken behind the knee


artery used to take BP


Pulse for orthostats and is in the chest


On thumb side of the wrist

Present Illness (PI), chief concern

subjective info that pt tells you

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