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Who also lived in Gaul?

Romans, Burgundians, Allemani

Why did the Romans, Burgundians, Allemani come together?

to fight the Huns

Who converts to Christianity?


What does Martel mean?


Who made the Holy Roman Empire?


How did Charlemagne improve the empire?

schools for boys, roads, farming, church

When was the battle of Agincourt?


Who won the battle of Agincourt?

The English

Who wanted the French throne and helped Joan the Arc?


Who was helped by England and wanted the English to rule French?

The Burgundians

Who had red roses on their banner?


Who had white roses on their banner?


What is it called when..... people begin to think of themselves as a nation/country, not just as a town or region?


What were the new weapons?

long bow, Cannons, using much larger armies

Where were the Vikings from?


What is the Great Charter?

Magna Carta

What were the Vikings boats called?


What were the 3 influences of the Medieval church?

Religious, Political, Economic

Monks and nuns who dedicate their lives to God and live in community together is called?


How many Crusades were there?


Who was Alfred's son?


Who wins the battle of Hastings?


Who defeated the Vikings?


What is another word for the Franks?

The French

The __________ and _______ could collect taxes.

church and lord

What is being expelled from the church for punishment called?


Why did the people want to be able to go to Jerusalem?

because it was Holy

What make Trade in Europe increase?

the crusades

Because of the crusades __________ replaces the _________ __________

money; barter system

What causes bitternes between the Muslim and the Christians?

the crusades

Who gives Europe new ideas and technology?

The Arabs

The crusades cause Christian not to have full control of what?

the Holy Land

_______s were smaller than ________s

Towns; Cities

The _________ _________ was made up of merchants, traders, and craftsman

middle class

________s were made up of weavers, shoemakers, carpenters, etc.


Overcrowding caused the _______ _______

Black Death

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