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active listening

listening consciously and responding in ways that improve communication


public, promotional message paid for by an identified sponsor or company

banner ad

ad at the top or side of a web page


reasons customers choose to buy a product

business-to-customer company

company thats sells to individual people

contact information

information about potential customers, such as name,address,phone number, and email address

critical thinking

logical thought process that involves analyzing and evaluating a situation or object

customer profile

detailed description of your target market's characteristics


objective social and economic facts about people


process of buying and selling goods online


social science concerned with how people satisfy their demands for goods and services


set of moral principles that govern decisions and actions


group of potential customers

market penetration

intensive growth strategy that emphasizes more intensive marketing of existing products


way of presenting your business

mass market

market that includes as many customers as possible

mixed economy

economic system that blends elements of the command economy and the market economy


reasons why a customer may be reluctant or cautious about buying

product mix

combination of products that a business sells


buying materials, products, and services for a business

repeat customers

customers that always come back


possibility of loss

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