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personal and career plans; school and community accomplishments


an accomplishment you want to achieve

Special Interests

activities you enjoy; such as hobbies


what your abilities are

Electronic Portfolio

involves the use of electronic technologies; allows collection and
organization of portfolio facts in many different media types

Hypertext Links

connects material to its appropriate goal and standard

Transferable Skills

skills developed through various experiences which can be utilized in the
workplace and everyday life; some examples include: social skills, time
management skills, record-keeping skills, computer literacy skills

Social Skills

any skill concerning communication and interaction with others

Time Management Skills

refers to the any tools or methods used when managing time effectively
in an effort to accomplishing a task or reaching a goal

Record-Keeping Skills

systematic procedure of entering data into ledgers, filing or applying
methods of organization to various documents

Computer Literacy Skills

one's skill set concerning the ability to effectively operate a computer and
its programs in a timely fashion in relation to completing a task

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