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What is the primary function of a political action committee?

To raise and distribute money to election campaigns

A grassroots lobbying campaign occurs?

When an interest group mobilizes its members
and their families throughout the country to write their representatives in support of
the group's position

The increased number and importance of interest groups?

Is a response to an increase
in the size and activity of government

When interest groups take out advertisements and hold marches, these are examples of?

Mobilizing public opinion

The best description of the ideal of pluralism is that?

interests should be free to compete with each other for governmental influence

Members of interest groups in the United States are typically people?

with higher levels of income and education

In recent years, the religious right has had a great effect on American politics through?

Grassroots mobilization

What contemporary political scientists call an interest group, James Madison called a(n)?


What is the most important and beneficial resource that lobbyists provide government officials?


Which of the following is a main theoretical assumption of pluralism?

Competition among interests will produce moderation, with a all interests regulating each other

Interest groups are concerned with the ___of government, while political parties are concerned with the ___of government?

Policies; personnel

Lobbying is?

An attempt by an individual or group to influence the passage of legislation by exerting direct pressure on members of Congress or a state legislature

A benefit that is sought by an interest group and that once achieved cannot be denied to nonmembers is called a?

collective good

If one enjoys the benefits of a group's collective efforts but did not contribute to those efforts, one is called a?

free rider

An iron triangle is made up of an alliance between?

A legislative committee, an interest group and an executive agency

Oversight can best be described as?

The efforts of Congress to supervise the manner in which its laws are implemented by the executive branch

The vice president also serves as Speaker of the House of Representatives and breaks the votes?


The frequency with which they must seek re-election makes members of the House?

More responsive to the needs of local interest groups in the districts they represent

Congressional leaders charged with lining up party members on important votes are known as sergeants-at-arms?


Congress may overturn a presidential veto with a two-thirds vote by each house?


Pork-barrel legislation?

Deals with specific projects and their location within a particular congressional district

A senator or representative running for re-election is called the?


Congress is a __legislature with ___members?

Bicameral; 535

A filibuster is a parliamentary device found in the Senate but not the House?


A filibuster allows members of the Senate to?

Prevent a vote on a bill by speaking continuously on the floor

In recent years, approximately what percentage of House members seeking re-election won their race?

95 percent

Oversight is an important legislative check on the executive branch?


Which idea of representation says that legislator should be viewed as someone whom voters hire to represent their interests?

Agency representation

The number of seats in Congress changes as the population of the United States changes?


The jurisdiction of standing committees?

Is defined by the subject matter of legislation, which often parallels the major cabinet departments or agencies

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